Announcing Our Third-Generation Software

Doxserá® DB has the power to move millions!


With Doxserá® DB, a user can customize one or a million documents, with one or a million variables each, for one or a million audiences, all with just a handful of clicks. 

Doxserá® DB allows users to easily retrieve, analyze, and use unlimited amounts of disparate information stored in one or multiple external data sources, such as SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets.

It is the most amazing thing to see and a delightfully empowering solution to experience


Doxserá® DB will be available in January, 2015.

To learn more about this newest version of the easiest to use and most powerful document automation software in the world®, click here.

Four versions of our software, one for every need and wallet:

TheFormTool (Free)

TheFormTool PRO


Doxserá DB

Questions? The Learning Curve

Document Automation for the Rest of Us®


The results you’ll experience with Doxserá® are amazing!

Doxserá document assembly software is the answer for those who require all the brilliance of TheFormTool PRO, but with several additional incredibly powerful document automation features.

  • Doxserá can simultaneously create multiple intelligent documents from the same data
  • Doxserá enables a document to intelligently create itself from text and graphics stored elsewhere

Doxserá eliminates errors and improves efficiency seven times or more over old-fashioned “cut and paste.” Subscribe, download, and be productive in less than ten minutes!

Doxserá is available through an annual subscription. Learn more
per year

TheFormTool PRO

For a lifetime license

TheFormTool PRO is for professionals who seek real efficiency and perfect accuracy in document-intensive environments.

  • 10-minute learning curve
  • Reduces cost 90% or more
  • Eliminates document errors
  • Uses your documents
  • Perfect for single documents
  • No document too complex, or simple
  • No need for expensive or time-consuming professional installers or consultants
  • Works within Word for Windows

Purchase, download, and be productive in less than ten minutes!

TheFormTool PRO version is available with a lifetime license.  Learn more

TheFormTool FREE

Yes, completely free forever

The free version of TheFormTool will likely answer 80% of the needs for creating forms and automating documents.

TheFormTool PRO is our full-featured productivity software. It includes the features of the FREE version and adds twelve powerful tools for creating smart docs and automated forms with MS Word.

Doxserá revolutionizes document automation by offering all the features and functions of TheFormTool PRO with the added ability to create several documents at the same time and to automatically add text and graphics from external sources.

TheFormTool FREE is a completely free lifetime license. Learn more

What Our Customers Say

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  • Falling in love!

    Just purchased a Doxserá license (about 4 days post-purchase now) and am falling in love with it. I am amazed at the forms I can create quickly, easily and simply. The big plus is that converting my forms from HotDocs is utter simplicity.
    Big Plus: Converting from HotDocs is Utter Simplicity
    Bruce Cameron, Rochester MN
  • Blown Away!

    For literally YEARS I have been looking for... wanting... DESPERATELY NEEDING something that was close to TheFormTool. Then last night as I lay in bed, unable to sleep; browsing through the CNET app on my iPad I saw TheFormTool. I quickly scanned the write-up and could hardly believe it. I was excited to wake up today and try it out.
    BEAUTIFUL! This is an AMAZING tool!
    Jason Ruby, Minneapolis MN
  • "It's particularly useful to physicians, attorneys, engineers, administrators, and self-employed people — anyone who needs to create clear, legible, archival-quality forms, documents, letters, and records."
    CNET Editors
  • My gosh, the application here is phenomenal!
    Jeffrey Cronk
    Director of Education, Spinal Kinetics, Wisconsin
  • I appreciated the ease of use and design. Nice job, sir!
    Wayne Willis
    Founder, Hyatt Legal Services
  • The program itself is great--I'll probably save 100 hours or more of staff time this year--and when I ran into a minor bug the customer service was phenomenal.
    Michael Lauterbach
    Stevens Point, WI
  • Beautiful! This is an amazing Tool! For 15 years, I've been looking for, desperately needing something like TheFormTool but it works even better than I expected. Thank you!
    Jason Ruby, Minneapolis
    Jason Ruby, Minneapolis
  • The product is great, and the customer support is unreal.
    Great Product, great service
    James Ryan, Potomac. MD
  • TheFormTool does in a few seconds what used to take me an hour to do.
    Fast, Easy to Use
    Peggy Murray, Wausau, WI
  • I just downloaded TheFormTool and 10 minutes later, anyone in my firm can create a fee agreement for me in about 60 seconds.
    A Brilliant Purchase
    Tom Daley, Plano, TX
TechnoLawyer Score 'A'

CNET Awards 5 Stars: “SPECTACULAR”

“It’s one of the most capable Word add-ins we’ve tried, and one that adds the most to Word’s already considerable capabilities.”