Training Resources

While anyone can learn to use the basics of our software in ten minutes or less, we encourage every user to complete at least enough of the training to become a polished and accomplished user.

We offer a wide selection of training resources for every time budget and learning preference.


TitleDescriptionRecommended UsesLocation
One-Page Cheat Sheet1 page manualGet up and go in ten minutes or lessIn program download zip folder
Quick Start Guide22 pagesA primer that covers all the basicsIn program download zip folder
Expert User GuidePRO version, 142 pages

DOX and DB versions, 209 pages

Everything there is to knowIn program download zip folder
Readers’ Digest Condensed Version5 videos, 2 to 12 minutesThe five videos lay out the philosophical underpinnings of assembly of intelligent documents for and by intelligent people, and demonstrate  techniques to put them into use. It’s a fun, highly educational and mind-expanding tour of possibilities.Knowledge Base

(See note below on KB access)

The Lesson PlanVideos average 20 minutes and use examples from the Expert Manual

PRO version – 19

DOX and DB – 33

An interactive, highly structured and logical approach to maximum learning in minimum time. The course consists of 33 formal Lessons where the audio-video content is linked to step by step instructions in the User Manual. This is for people who want to be in the top 20% of all users, quickly.Knowledge Base

(See note below on KB access)

The Learning Curve3  groups of short videos (151 total)Our full online training program, The Learning Curve series of videos that are organized into three hierarchic levels that are each internally structured as well in The Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced, for a clear path of how to proceed, is the crown jewel of our training resources. Do a handful or complete them all; either way you’ll be miles ahead.Knowledge Base

(See note below on KB access)



If you don’t believe in training, have no time to learn the basics, or can’t wait for directions, then watch “Creating Your First Intelligent Form,” which is a TLC 1 Basic training video. In 25 minutes it will achieve two goals: get you well-started building working smart forms; and second, we hope, convince you that training isn’t so bad. We can pretty much guarantee the first achievement. The second will be up to you. 

The entire Knowledge Base, of which the formal courses are but one department, is searchable for hundreds of keywords across more than 600 subject-specific articles and videos. Give it a try!

There are several other approaches available as well. One or more will fit every learning preference.

Please note that in order to protect the security of your account in our online store, the Knowledge Base requires separate login credentials. While you may use the same email account if you wish, DO NOT use the same password.


Software Downloads

The product download packages each contain at least four different training manuals, ranging from one page to hundreds and everything in between. If it’s been awhile since your purchase, just download a fresh package and tuck the PDFs into your library.

Each program download package contains a number of resources, typically:

A Read Me text that is well worth the 15 seconds needed to read it

A 3-4 page heavily illustrated Installation Guide for when you flub the installation and decide to read the directions

A one-page Cheat Sheet for people who don’t need or appreciate instructions

A heavily illustrated Quick Study Guide, typically 20 pages or so, that illustrates how to do nearly everything your new program can do. This one will take less than 10 minutes. Please read it!

Finally, the appropriately named Expert User Guide

A library of our guides is maintained in the Resources section of the online Service Center.

Consultants & Experts

If Doing It Yourself is not your thing, check out the consultants that we recommend on one of our Support pages for world-class experts who can do it for you.

Use these resources and you will be a real expert, efficient as all get out, and a credit to your profession or employer! And then, you might take a look at qualifying as a certified expert.