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Use this service portal to select resources to help you prevent or solve an issue.

We encourage every user to become familiar with the multiple delivery channels and hundreds of training, diagnostic and repair assets available at the click of a button.

To start or explore, simply select a path to see its resources and the steps to access.


While it’s true that anyone can learn to use the basics of our software in ten minutes or less, we STRONGLY encourage users to complete at least the Beginning and Basic levels of the The Learning Curve online tutorial. With that much effort, you’ll set your own expectations of what you want to accomplish, you’ll know the terms of art, and you’ll know where to go for great ideas. 

Each of our training resources is organized progressively, encouraging users to learn as they earn and learn by doing. It is no exaggeration to comment that one or (gasp!) even two hours invested in training will easily save ten times as much time in the first 90 days, and that the investment will dramatically improve the quality of your work.






Experience has shown that carefully proceeding through the handful of steps described on our Self Help Diagnostic  portal solves more than 80% of all customer issues. In addition, the process has proven remarkably efficient, much more so than “guess by golly” efforts.

As important, the information developed in the Self Help effort will help our Team Members in the Service Center to help identify and solve the problem if you need their assistance.


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Self Help


If the earlier steps haven’t helped you solve your issue, after you’ve completed them you’re invited to access our free Service Desk by following the steps described on our Service Desk page.


Service Tools

Service Desk

An Alternative

If you prefer a more customized approach or prefer not to step through the process expected for access to our free Service Desk, we offer Custom Call, a paid service available on request.

Custom Call is not inexpensive, but some prefer an approach where we do all the work after you answer just four simple questions.

It’s that simple. Like our free service, the results are guaranteed.


We'll do it all!

Custom Call