We are often asked about:

Licensing and Installation

Can a license be moved from one account to another?

We’re sometimes asked whether licenses can be moved from one account to another, say when an individual has created a “personal account” for testing or for home use and later discovers that the “personal” program won’t share information with the programs later purchased in the “office” account, and now wants to move the license into “the company account.”

Because licenses for TheFormTool PRO are permanent, they cannot be modified, renamed, or moved.

Licenses for Doxserá and Doxserá DB can be moved from one account to another, but because the process is completely manual, we charge a fee for each license to be moved.

One way to avoid the fee is to allow the outlying license to expire at its normal time, then purchase its replacement in the main account. Or, just purchase a new license in the main account (the only real alternative for owners of PRO).

We strongly recommend that accounts, even test accounts,  be created in the company name, and our online store is placarded to that effect.

How do I update or renew my program?

It’s a great idea to keep your copy of your program up to date. Doing so will assure that you’re using the best we have.

Checking to see which version you’re using is easy. Click on About in TheFormTool menu bar. Then compare your version number against the latest version number on our Updates page for your program. If you’re behind, an update takes only about 30 seconds.

Download the current version of the free or PRO version of TheFormTool, Doxserá, or Doxserá DB. You can find updates under the Program menu, then the aptly name Software Downloads button, finally click the appropriate page for your program. The download will start. Open the zip file. The .docm file is the program file. Follow the installation instructions, making certain not to skip any steps. Close Word. Finally, re-open Word and away you go.

Updating your program is about as simple and straightforward as eating Cheerios!

You can renew at any time, even months ahead of your expiration date. Click on the SHOP NOW button on the top of any page. When you get to the store, click on the product you wish to renew, then click the aptly named RENEW button. The store will add a year onto the current expiration date so that you’ll not waste time or money. Check your new License Code while you’re in your account and use it right away on all your computers that use our program. Piece of cake!

Where can I learn more about Doxserá or TheFormTool?

Once you’ve exhausted the scores of pages of information on our main site, our Service Center is a great resource for more detailed information, including over a hundred articles and scores of videos, is just one click away at https://service.theformtool.com/home. For the most detailed information, the online manuals for our software are located at https://manuals.theformtool.com/read/account_titles/198582. /.

How do I retrieve a License Code?

License Codes are available 24/7 in your secure account in our online store. You can login to your account by clicking the Login button in the top right corner of almost any page in our. website, including this one.

Login using your email address and password. At the store’s home page click on the My Licenses tab in the center of the page. There you’ll find a list of all your active programs. Click on the green “Get License Code” text for the program of interest, enter your account password and you’ll be all set.

Because License Codes allow potential access to so much of our customers’ confidential information, we no longer distribute or confirm any of the keys that are used to access firms’ programs, data, or the Aurora Data Center. The good news is the keys are always available when needed, in your account.


What about the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is a library of more than 500 subject-specific articles and videos that cover every aspect of our software. They provide answers to every question ever asked. Even better, the Knowledge Base is both organized logically by subject and by sophistication and searchable, providing two paths to the exact information needed to solve an issue or expand a horizon. Whether you’re stumped or curious, the Knowledge Base is an amazing asset.

Is there a "best way" for an enterprise to evaluate your software?

There are at least two approaches that we’ve seen in use and that are highly regarded by practitioners.

In just a few hours an evaluator who is familiar with document assembly and automation can view all of the articles and video demonstrations in the Beginning and Basic sections of our online tutorial, The Learning Curve. While a couple of the videos, primarily those that discuss the strategies for productivity, are longer, most are subject specific and take just ten minutes or so. Those two sections of The Learning Curve will provide a thorough understanding of how our software works and what it can do for an organization. From there, it might be worthwhile to browse through specific subjects for areas of special interest to your organization.

The second, and better, approach is to purchase one of our programs, perhaps the $1.00 Doxserá Test Drive, then go through each of the User Lessons illustrated in the related User Guide contained in the download. This approach provides a terrific hands-on experience with all of the program’s major features and functions. When you’re done, you’ll be thoroughly knowledgeable about the program and how it will fit your needs.

What's the best way to learn how to use your software?

The very best way to learn to use our software is to use it. There’s no requirement that you be a rocket scientist on day one, or ever for that matter. Start with an easy simple document that you use every day, that way you’ll both learn and benefit right from the start, and progress (or not!) at your own pace.

A fantastic learning tool is available in our Service Center in the form of progressive subject-specific video tapes from The Learning Curve. Most are just a handful of minutes long, though a few are longer. Start at the beginning and work your way through, or hop around. Either way you’ll do well.

Are quantity discounts available?

Yes. TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá are offered at a 10% discount for simultaneous purchases of 25 licenses or more. Discounts on Doxserá DB start at five units. Discounts are not available on DB User or Aurora.

Of course, TheFormTool remains free to all.

Do you offer trial versions?

We do offer a $1.00 Test Drive on Doxserá that represents a great view of the operation and utility of all our programs. Give it a try!

We lead the industry in terms of information shared pre-purchase with prospective customers. There are hundreds of articles and videos and scores of uncensored press and customer reviews available for just the click of a button.

Finally, purchasers are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We do offer a completely free, limited feature version of our software, simply named TheFormTool. Even though it has none of the power of its robust siblings, there are customers who run their businesses on it. The free version can also be a good way to check out the “personality” of our software.

How do you compare TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá against their competitors?

We’re often asked to compare our software with that of others. All of our programs have these game-changing advantages:

  1. Ease of use. TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá® are the easiest to use and most powerful document assembly software in the world.
  2. Power. While our software is used by real rocket scientists (see our partial list of customers), being one is not a pre-requisite. Customers typically start creating their first intelligent documents within 10 minutes of downloading. The software grows along with their expertise so if they’d really like to be a rocket scientist, they’ll have the tools to do so.
  3. Flexibility. Our software avoids the “one size fits all” trap. Purchase or subscribe to the number of licenses you need, there’s no requirement to outfit everyone in your organization if it will be used by a select group. Those who have it will love it, those who don’t, well, that’s OK, too. (Though you’ll want everyone on board once you see the results.)
  4. Price. The creators of TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá® use modern technology and an intelligent business model to keep pricing the most competitive in the market.

That’s it, the compelling comparison with all others, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can see how our programs stack up against each other and complete lists of features and functions here.

How can you afford to give TheFormTool away for free?

We’re believers in the freeconomics marketing model and freemium pricing as popularized by Chris Anderson in his 2009 best seller Free! and as practiced by Facebook and Twitter.

A portion of users of TheFormTool trade up in fairly short order. Another large share want and are willing to pay for the most robust version possible. Those buyers provide the revenue stream that pays for servicing and further development of TheFormTool.

Who can use the TheFormTool?

Anyone who is familiar with MS Word and is running Word 2007 or newer can use TheFormTool and create a first smart document with less than 10 minutes training.

How long has TheFormTool been available?

TheFormTool was developed by Scott Campbell, a professional word processor with nearly three decades of experience, with a million pages of documents notched in his keyboard. Scott used his academic background in computer sciences with his practical experience to build document assembly software “for the rest of us.”

Scott publicly introduced TheFormTool at the NALS Region 7 Conference in June 2011 to a standing ovation accompanied by whooping and hollering by audience members, and the rest is history. Less than six months later, TheFormTool was in use in every state and most English-speaking countries, as well as Europe and the middle east.

What is TheFormTool?

TheFormTool is a MS Word add-in, the easiest to use and most powerful document assembly and forms automation software in the world. It’s even more robust siblings are Doxserá, Doxserá DB, and Aurora webData.

There is a free version and a more robust PRO version.

Plans for a Mac version?

Sadly, no. As a Mac-based organization, the pain of saying that is particularly intense.

When MSFT ported Word over to Mac they left out a few pieces, one of which is critical to TheFormTool.

We currently use the Parallels/Windows/Word combination to use TheFormTool products on our MacBook PROs. Several of our customers have taken the same approach.

For the very latest developments, including a much more convenient, less intrusive and less expensive alternative for use ONLY with PRO and Doxserá, see “TheFormTool on a Mac (v2.0)”, here https://tinyurl.com/abenwy2

Is TheFormTool only for attorneys?

Goodness, no. TheFormTool is useful to anyone who uses repetitive documents that need to be personalized for every use. The list of professionals using TheFormTool has now become too long to list, but some of the early adopters included: doctors, dentists and accountants; estimators and bidders for contractors; environmental risk evaluators; pathologists and medical examiners; hospital administrators; computer network hosting firms; insurance companies and actuaries; estate planners and financial consultants; the list goes on and on.

We initially estimated the potentially realistic market for TheFormTool at one million. We now believe it exceeds 100 million.

Learning and Help

What's the best way to approach learning about the software?

Manuals for each of our software products are included with the product download and are available online in the Service Center. Many have three manuals: a one-pager for those who don’t read manuals, a 20-something that covers all the basics, and an Expert manual for users who aspire to be rocket scientists.

Our online Knowledge Base is a gold mine of help, with hundreds of subject-specific articles and videos, and its Knowledge Base is a font of information.

The best resource of them all is likely the online version of The Learning Curve. It provides more than 100 narrowly focused videos in a hierarchic format ranging from the very most basic level up to real expert. You can take each “course” in bite-size segments, concentrating on either specific areas or breaking the process into levels of sophistication and complexity.

One approach that has proven successful is to review all the basics, then “window shop” for areas of interest to you beyond the basics.

One of our software’s major advantage is that you don’t need to be an expert on day one, or ever for that matter. Learn as much as is of interest to you, then stop there. That’ll work.

Our Training page outlines and provides connections to all seven levels of training available.

What about "Runtime Errors"?

Runtime errors (RT or R/T) are Microsoft’s little joke on the world and provide no useful information, merely confirming the obvious, that Word is unable to complete a commanded function. Chances are you figured that out for yourself.

Take our advice, don’t bother attempting to diagnose or decode the RT code. It’s a waste of time. Instead, If you think the problem involves one or our programs, invest the time following through on the steps on our Diagnostics page. They’ll take a concentrated ten minutes or so and have proven about 85% effective solving users’ issues. As important, if you need our help, we’ll want those very same answers in order to get a handle on your issue.

Doxserá and Doxserá DB

Must We Wait Until the Last Day to Renew Our Subscription?

Not at all. When you use the RENEW NOW button for your product in our online store and then proceed to your account, the store will automatically extend your subscription from its termination date. So you can renew at any time and be certain to get the renewal that you want, there’s no need to wait till the last day.

Do Doxserá Subscriptons Auto-Renew?

Doxserá is a subscription-based product, but it is not an “evergreen” subscription. We will not automatically charge your credit card at the end of the term (we only retain the last four digits of your credit card number in order to protect your privacy). Instead, the program will remind you in the last month of your subscription that it is about to terminate. The decision whether or not to renew will be entirely up to you.

Does Doxserá work with TheFormTool forms?

Yes. Doxserá will work with any forms created with any version of TheFormTool.


Does Doxserá work with TheFormTool forms?

Yes. Doxserá will work with any forms created with any version of TheFormTool.

What about "Form Tool 7"?

Form Tool 7 is not one of our products and we have no relationship to it at all. To the best of our knowledge you might reach its developers at https://formtool.us/.

Fun Facts

What's the largest transaction handled by TheFormTool or Doxserá?

The largest transaction of which we’re aware is a $6 billion acquisition between public companies. The deal involved hundreds of pieces of real estate, each involving a purchase/sale and lease, many including one or more subleases. Originally budgeted for months of work on the part of a score of workers, the documents were completed in less than two weeks by one person.

Doxserá DB is used weekly to compute and create bids on mortgage servicing products that have a face value in the tens of billions of dollars. Our customer reports that they are the fastest and most accurate bidder.

When is a document considered "complex"?

The definition of “complex” seems to change almost quarterly, as new records are set and broken. TheFormTool and Doxserá currently go into “turbo” mode when asked to Fill or Refresh documents containing more than 1,000 variables. We see forms with thousands of variable fairly regularly.

How big is "big"?

Currently, the largest document of which we’re aware (we don’t see or hear about them all) runs about 200,000 words and 4,300 variables, of which a goodly number are Conditionals. TheFormTool requires about 13 minutes to complete the document, even in “turbo” mode.