Email is Best

Drop us an email explaining the issue. We’ll do our very best to respond promptly: typically within 2 hours on business days and 6 hours on holidays. Please:


  • Always visit the Help! page first and follow its steps as appropriate
  • Describe the issue with some real detail
  • If you’re already a user, tell us what version of Word™ and TheFormTool or Doxserá you’re using
  • With enough detail, we can generally have you up and running in less than 2 hours
We suggest email as the fastest, most effective route to help.

But, if you’re built to chat or have a need for 1000 licenses before noon, do feel free to call. Our Intelligent Document™ Sales Desk is generally available from 6 AM PT to 7 PM PT.

Service-oriented emails from existing customers get first priority, always.

Contact Information


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Phone number:

866 311 6000

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Service Desk

available from 6 AM PT to 7 PM PT

Note that FREE service is available through email to

For best service, please provide the information developed by answers to the questions on the Diagnostics page.


Information Desk:

866.311.6000 x3

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