Email is Best

Drop us an email explaining the issue. We’ll do our very best to respond promptly: typically within 2 hours on business days and 6 hours on holidays. Please:

  • Always visit the Help! page first and follow its steps as appropriate
  • Describe the issue with some real detail
  • If you’re already a user, tell us what version of Word™ and TheFormTool or Doxserá you’re using
  • With enough detail, we can generally have you up and running in less than 2 hours
We suggest email as the fastest, most effective route to help.

But, if you’re built to chat or have a need for 1000 licenses before noon, do feel free to call. Our Intelligent Document™ Sales Desk is generally available from 6 AM PT to 7 PM PT.

Service-oriented emails from existing customers get first priority, always.

Contact Information


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Phone number:

866 311 6000

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Service Desk

available from 6 AM PT to 7 PM PT

FREE service is available through email to

For best service, please provide the information developed by answers to the questions on the Request Help form after stepping through the Diagnostic Portal.


Information Desk:

866.311.6000 x3

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