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The free version of TheFormTool is a limited-feature version of our software that may answer many of your needs for creating very simple forms and automating documents. It will certainly give you “a feel” for the personality of our family of productivity tools.

Just complete 3 lines in the green request box and it’s yours, for free, instantly. You’ll receive a lifetime license with no time limit, no watermarks, no advertisements.

All we ask is that you use TheFormTool; give it a really good workout. Prove to yourself that it’s the best software to leverage documents and create forms you’ve ever used, and that it’s the easiest to learn and most user-friendly, too. If you agree, tell your friends. If not, tell us and we’ll work to make it so.

We’re betting that you’ll quickly want more of what we offer. If so, we have just the thing for you: TheFormTool PRO. This is the tool for the Word Warriors™ among us, those who want all the sharpest knives in the drawer.

If you’d like to test the power of a full-feature version of our software, we invite you to test drive our 30-day Doxserá® Demo Package for all of $100, but be sure to buckle your seat belt first!

Software comparisons

For a comparison of the features offered by Doxserá® DB, Doxserá®, TheFormTool PRO and  TheFormTool free version, click here

Scores of Videos

To see scores of videos that will take you from Day One to Rocket Scientist, stop by our online Service Center. For the complete tutorial from basics to rocket science, see any of the five separate training courses in The Learning Curve the Knowledge Base.

With TheFormTool, you can easily and quickly create intelligent documents. In less than ten minutes, you can be assembling documents while leveraging your expertise and investments in staff.

Works with all versions of Word for Windows, 2007 and newer.

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