Over the course of helping thousands of firms produce millions of documents, we’ve learned some universally valuable insights equally of use to customers and others.

Some of this guidance is for light users of Word, some for experts, but everyone will find real value in each and every handout.

It’s our pleasure to share with you the benefits of our experience completely for free, not even registration is required to download them.

Please enjoy as many of these as you wish, with our compliments.

HotDocs Conversion cover


Converting Templates from HotDocs© to TheFormTool® Products

For years we’ve had a steady stream of prospective customers ask about converting their forms and templates from HotDocs to use one of TheFormTool programs instead. Based on several comments made over the years in the Customer Reviews section of our website, we’ve been comfortable saying, “It’s easy.”

In the last six months what had been a steady stream of inquiries has grown into a river and some of the firms involved have become sizable. So we thought we’d ask our good friend Bill Cutchin, the founder of DocAssembly Guru, to create comprehensive instructions on exactly how to make the conversion easy. Bill’s the right person to ask. Over the years he’s been an expert on HotDocs, creating forms and consulting on building libraries for firms using HotDocs. Six years ago he decided to make a change and set about becoming an expert with our programs. Within a year, Bill became one of the first experts awarded the Certified Creator: Intelligent Documents award signifying the highest level of knowledge and experience with our programs. Bill is the author of the ultimate reference book, Users & Administrator’s Guide to TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá, and Doxserá DB.

Bill’s put together a terrific step-by-step cookbook on how to translate forms created with HotDocs into professional-level templates that take advantage of the power of TheFormTool, Doxserá, or Doxserá DB to become truly intelligent forms of the future.

We’re delighted to share Bill’s work with our customers and prospective customers, those firms, large and small, in more than 80 countries around the world that are looking for a better solution.

Stewart McKelvey Doxserá DB Case Study

Doxserá DB Case Study, Documenting Millions in M&A

In its very first use—while still in beta—Doxserá DB® performed flawlessly, creating 2000 complex but perfect documents for the acquisition of hundreds of corporate assets.

It’s done even better since!


Cover of the handout "A Billion Here"


A Billion Here, and another billion here…

How lawyers can shave one billion dollars a week, a full 25%, from their costs, improve service to their clients, reduce stress, eliminate errors, and beat back the non-licensed barbarians storming the gates.

Riggs Davie cover

Doxserá Case Study, Improving Efficiency of Legal Document Assembly

Doxserá is intelligent and user-friendly document automation software which allows users to create multiple intelligent documents in seconds or minutes rather than hours, without errors.

Riggs Davie uses Doxserá “…to produce well thought out documents of high quality in an efficient manner” 

Stopping Word's Intrusions


Everything You Need to Know About Word’s Autocorrect and Other Intrusions

When Word becomes too intrusive, when it seems like you’re working for the program rather than the program is working for you, here’s the solution.

Protecting Your Forms video

Protecting Your Forms

OK, This one really isn’t a handout but it is so very valuable we thought to include it as well. In less than 30 minutes, this video tutorial demonstrates every possible way to protect your forms and documents from accidents. This is practically guaranteed to save you time and stress as it lays out the six best practices for safeguarding your work.

Using TheFormTool in Your Legal Practice


Using TheFormTool in Your LawPractice
No More Copy & Paste

This offers the best ways to organize and save forms, set default files names, copy Styles, and use some of Word’s lesser known tools to improve your productivity.  And, a brief glimpse at how TheFormTool can save you 70% of the time spent on repetitive documents.


How Productive is Your Industry?

Survey Results of Productivity and Efficiency in Five Industries

Issues covered within the survey include individual and business productivity, types of barriers to productivity, use of technology and software to help/hinder productivity, and volume of paperwork/documentation the in legal, medical, financial, government and accounting segments.


Three Experts Legal Productivity

According To Three Experts, How The Legal Industry Can Improve Efficiency

An interview with Peggy Gruenke, David Bilinsky, and John Miller on managing time and overcoming individual barriers to efficiency, as well as three tips from each on how best to manage personal productivity.