Elder Law – Preparing for Disability


Elder Law – Preparing for Disability is our robust suite of twenty six intelligent forms that are guaranteed to save you and your office hundreds of hours the first year and every year thereafter.


There is no learning curve. To use the forms right out of the package:

1. Open the form

2. Answer the questions

3. Click Fill. You’re done.

Or, if you’re ready to file or send the form, save it and then click Petrify to scrub the finished document and send it out.

You may use any of the forms as is, just as they are when you download them.

You may modify them to fit your jurisdiction and your practice preferences.

You may use them as training aids, as examples in “best practices” in the construction of intelligent forms. You can even cut out snippets to use in your other forms, saving creative time for truly being creative. This suite is not just for those with interests in elder law, but for anyone who’d like a library of expertly crafted intelligent forms to study and copy.

You may share them for use by anybody in your firm. They’re yours to own and keep.

This suite is composed of


Average Complexity

Elder Law – Preparing for Disability has been crafted by more than a dozen experienced subject area experts, peer reviewed, and is already in use by hundreds of attorneys. The suite is guaranteed to save you and your firm hundreds of hours every year.

We expect this suite to save the average lawyer practicing in the area $5,000 per year or more.

Whether you concentrate on elder law or practice in the area infrequently, this library is eminently usable. Imagine no longer needing to find and verify over a thousand variables! With this library, that task is fast and error-free.

If we were to custom-craft this library of intelligent forms, the only way our experts have previously produced forms for others, the cost would be over $2,400. This new and exciting distribution channel allows us to provide these forms to you for a much lower price, creating a terrific bargain.


Form Library

Elder Law – Preparing for Disability consists of these 26 documents:

Title Pages Words Automated Variables Complexity
Affidavit in Support of Need for Creation of an OBRA 93 Special-Needs Trust 2 263 49 18.63
Agent Certification and Acceptance of Authority  1 116 11 9.48
Appointment of Short-Term Guardian  2  457  29  6.35
Designation of Standby Guardian  1  224  43  19.20
HIPAA Medical Record Disclosure Authorization  1 457  24  5.25
Inventory  2 135  16  11.85
Living Will Declaration  2 234  12  5.13
Notice and Power of Attorney for Property  9  2882  41  1.42
Notice and Short Form Power of Attorney for Health Care  8  2448  49  2.00
Notice of Rights of Respondent  2  409  8  1.96
Oath and Bond of Guardian – No Surety  1  111  22  19.82
Oath of Office  1  76  19  25.00
Order for Guardianship of Minor  1  121  27  22.31
Order of Adjudication of Disability and Appointing Guardian  2  360  51  14.17
Petition for Adjudication of Disability and Appointment of Guardian  2  317  80  25.24
Petition for Authority to List and Sell Ward’s Real Estate  2  370  46  12.43
Petition for Authority to Make Expenditures  2  501  35  6.99
Petition for Grandparent and Great-Grandparent Visitation Rights  3  282  199  41.29
Petition for Guardianship of Minor  2  404  123  30.45
Petition for Leave to Create an OBRA 93 Special-Needs Trust  2  559  77  13.77
Petition for Temporary and Plenary Guardian  1  432  85  19.68
Petition to Adopt  2  472  145  30.72
Petition to Intervene  2  203  76  37.44
Physicians Report as to Disability  1  201  26  12.94
Successor Agent Certification and Acceptance of Authority  1  131  12  9.16
Summons for Appointment of Guardian  2  652  30  4.60

as well as a Master List of State names, formal names, and abbreviations, and two Wrappers.

What our libraries don’t include:


This library does not include:


  • Recurring subscription or maintenance fees. There aren’t any.
  • Proprietary formatting. All forms are Word templates.
  • Any need for complex coding or lengthy learning curves. You can be up and productive in less than 10 minutes.
  • Mandatory storage in someone else’s cloud in someone else’s country. Store your files wherever you wish.

A lifetime license is just $285 for the firm



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Affidavit in Support of Need for Creation of an OBRA 93 Special-Needs Trust


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in conjunction with a license for TheFormTool PRO or Doxserá®.

*The Complexity Score is a measure of the density of the Fields, Lists, and Conditions built into an intelligent form. The greater the density when measured as a ratio of Variables per word count or Variables per page, the greater the complexity and the larger the benefit from the program in terms of ease of use, speed, and error prevention.

The forms in the suite are Templates created in Word for Windows and are fully compatible with TheFormTool PRO v3.0 and newer as well as Doxserá v3.0 and newer.