Intelligent Forms from TheFormTool will save you hours of work and dramatically accelerate productivity in your office.

Each suite of these very special forms is created by seasoned attorneys with years of experience in the specific practice area, then converted into Intelligent Forms by TheFormTool’s own experts.

No more learning curve. Each form is a Word for WIndows® template ready for instant use.

Or, you can customize them, now or in the future, for your style of practice and for your specific jurisdictional requirements.

Intelligent Forms from TheFormTool are fully compatible with TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá®.

The lifetime license allows for permanent use by everyone in your firm.

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Just as quickly, just as easily.

Simply Magic.

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1. Pay once

2. Use forever

3. Everyone in your office


  • You may use these Intelligent Forms just as they are. They’re ready to go as soon as you download them. Answer the questions… Click “Fill”…  Done.
  • You may modify them in any way you wish.They are Word for Windows templates that you own.
  • You may use them as examples of “best practices” ideas that work and even borrow snippets for use in your other forms.


We listened:

Attorneys told us four things they don’t want:

Endless subscription and maintenance fees

Forms in a proprietary file format that requires conversion into Word

Forms that can’t be edited or modified whenever the owner chooses

Forms that must be stored in someone else’s cloud, in someone else’s country


The fine print: There are no maintenance or subscription fees. One license may be used by anyone and everyone in your office. The license is permanent for use with your copy of TheFormTool PRO or Doxserá. Mac users who are not already using our software, please be certain to read this.

Elder Law

The twenty six Intelligent Forms in the Elder Law package are guaranteed to save you and your office hundreds of hours the first year and every year. They will also eliminate the errors that so frequently and embarrassingly slip into documents when using the fraught with danger and archaic practice of “cut & paste” technology of 50 years ago.

To review a description of all the forms included as well as an offer to download a sample form.




Elder Law

Business Law – Company Formation and Operations

Our Company Formation and Operations suite contains nearly fifty high value forms with more than 1,300 pages of professionally crafted text and nearly two thousand expertly constructed Fields, Math, Conditions, Lists, and Signature blocks. This suite will be absolutely invaluable to lawyers who practice any form of business law.