Aurora Updates

To determine if your copy of the Aurora webData™ document management software is up to date, click on About in the Aurora menu, read your version number and compare it to the version number just below. If your version is not the most current, download the latest version below.


Download the most recent version of Aurora v 2.1.221205:   Download Now!


Aurora Version History

v 2.1.221205 Enhancements: Admin can delete individual Questions from webQs, Admin can move webQ from Training DB to Operational DB with one click, Admin can change DB Passwords, When “Other” Answers are allowed, DPs will be allowed to enter text Answers, Aurora Data Center will verify Labels are consistent.

Fixes: Added graphic outline of Answer when “Other” is allowed, Fixed comment on Overview, Images scale properly, prevented “Other” from printing as part of the Other Answer

v 2.0.220914
Enhancements: Conditional Questions, online editing of Question text, Online creation and editing of TIPs, added breadcrumb navigation for Admins, activated Patron roles, on-demand overviews of webQs, popup banners when changes have been saved, improved navigation buttons on Admin pages, improved SORT commands that remember previous filter, improved Data Provider landing page, improved installation process for Admins and Patrons, multiple Admins available as premium service
v1.4.200220 Enhancements: Allows optional placement of customer’s logos or graphics for “Private Label”  rather than “White Label” appearance; allows Account Admin to select for email notification of the receipt of webQ Answers from Data Providers; several improvements to layouts of Admin pages.

Minor fixes: Corrected error message when adding a List in a Form without first creating a Series answer. Standardized user messages

v1.3.191207 Fixes: Forms did not always automatically Reset before re-Filling; TFT variables in footnotes in Passages didn’t process properly.
h/t: Gregory  C. Picken, North Palm Beach, FL; Anthony I. Danielson, Esq.,  Sacramento, CA
v1.3.191121 Enhancements: Dramatically improved connection times using MSSQL, typically by a factor of 20, and added feature to ignore extraneous DB Views. Allows DPs to login based on tokens rather than passwords; corrected login term to “Reset Password”; improved layout of DP, Patron, Database, and Database Access pages for Account Admins; enhanced appearance on mobile devices; allowed for personalized logo graphics.

Fixes: Issue using sublists to access nested date from external sources or when used with Dropdown answers.

h/t: Phil Goldberg, Tampa, FL; Steven Crute, UK

Enhancements: Made additional speed improvements when filling (up to 80% faster); Improved use of cache to speed up Data Source screen; Added “Speedy Fill” button in the Options menu (same as clicking Shift+Fill); Added a “Form Sets” button in the Sources menu (same as clicking Start in new document)
Removed some metadata from all distribution files to be less susceptible to security blocks; Threshold set. for Fetching from large sets of Outlook contacts, accessed with Options -> Outlook; In Data Source screen, Refresh button is now enabled even when no Data Source is selected (to allow repair of corrupted Data Source)Fixes: Running Form Set with one of the forms open now gives message instead of error; Fixed error when Resetting DataTables
v1.1.2.190814 Enhancements: Increased Fill and Reset speeds by a range of 30% for small forms composed of scores or hundreds of variables and up to 500% for complex forms of thousands of Fields, Lists, and Conditions.
v1.1.190626 Enhancements: Increased Fill speed from MySQL databases by factor of 2.2 times, reducing Fill time by more than 60%. Fill speeds from other external sources also improved. Improved Data Sources screen when working with multiple Sources. Updated User Guides. In the Aurora Data Center: Initiated IP address security constraint for access to data; improved process for authorizing multiple data submissions for Data Providers; improved treatment of linked questions dependent upon GRIDs or parent questions on a previous page.

Fixes issues with: Save/Load and Form Set screens; Fetch error when drawing from extremely large databases; Math error when computing using two variables from the same external table; inability to edit some complex Conditions; drawing Pronoun and Singular/Plural data from data sources; A/An Condition codes; Date Offsets; Intelligent Forms License Codes
h/t: h/t: Jamie Roth, Glenwood Springs, CO; Scott Pickup, Halifax, NS; Kim Blagdon, Halifax, NS; Barry Kauhl, Highland, IL; Aaron Campbell; Akron, OH.

v1.0 (2019.03.28) Fixes: Problems with pronoun Fields within a Sublist; reading large Excel cells with multi-word column headings; missing backslash in Path screen; displaying license agreement; introduces the Aurora Manual and revised Quick Start and Dox manuals
h/t: Jeff Skoubye, Salt Lake City, UT; Scott Vanden Bos, Wilsonville, Oregon; Jamie Roth, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
v1.0 (2019.03.05) Enhancements: Removes constraints on the use of multi-term Excel column headings in conjunction of large numbers of characters in a cell to be accessed by a form.

Fix: Improves handling of pronouns in GRIDs used in nested lists.

h/t: Pat McGuin, Summit Lake, Washington; Jeff Skoubye, Salt Lake City; Wilsonville, Oregon.

v1.0 (2019.03.05)


Enhancements: Improves diagnostics when a Fetch Answer is mistakenly included in a Questionnaire being converted into a webQ.

Fixes: Minor bugs, improved language in popups

h/t: Michael Levin, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Version 1.0



Enhancements: Provides remote data collection and secure storage services, and decisioning and document assembly software.