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In Finance, there is no margin for error, but intelligent document automation can eliminate errors, especially those created when mixing text with numbers, when errors are too easy to create and even easier to overlook.

Doxserá and Doxserá DB are especially useful in financial services, where their abilities to import data, whether original or archived, and to do the math completely within a form, convert a time-consuming and high risk task to an easy and error-proof automated process.

With huge volumes of data to deal with, firms and businesses of all sizes are investing in our software to eliminate errors completely. Intelligent documents can be created to extract, filter, and communicate financial data quickly and efficiently. This saves significant time in the creation of complex loan agreements, mortgages, portfolio bids, mortgages, securities filings, company formations, partnership agreements, insurance proposals and thousands of other instances.

Current customers are doing all that and more, including: multi-billion dollar mergers with hundreds of locations, multi-jurisdictional and cross-currency loan agreements for securitization, whole sale, participations and portfolio; oil well royalty agreements and pass-throughs; creation of partnerships, LLCs, and corporations; or Reg D PPM or full-blown public registration documents our software speeds the process, eliminates errors, and impresses clients. Typical results include saving 70% or more of the documentation time and 100% of the errors.

Better to have and enjoy the advantages of converting your forms into truly intelligent documents than to compete against the advantage held by others!

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Finance uses for TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá

    • Commitments
    • Loan agreements
    • Term sheets
    • Private placement memoranda
    • S-1s and S-4s
    • VC agreements and reports
    • Intellectual property protections and transfers
    • Insurance proposals, quotes, binders


In financial services, consistency is a threshold requirement for document assembly and document automation systems and practices. Consistency includes zero error rates, perfect accuracy, exceptional appearance control, and dependable brand support — consistently — across locations, transactions, users and time. There’s nothing worse than delivering “final” documents with the wrong name sprinkled throughout. TheFormTool and Doxserá deliver perfection… every time.


However you measure size, our financial document automation software accommodates the needs for intelligent document: from one-person brokers to distressed debt buyers to VCs to some of the largest financial services firms in the world; from 2,000-word term sheets to 200,000-word international finance agreements to complete S-1s and everything in between; from ten variables to 5,000; from one document at a time with TheFormTool PRO to thousands at once with Doxserá. The savings, both in costs and in terms of reductions in errors, grow with each use.


As you know, the majority of documents used in financial services are repetitive forms, documents where the majority of text remains constant and the task is to make absolutely certain that the details match the transaction. Our customers report that with Doxserá they save 71%, on average,  of the time otherwise invested in documents, dramatically reducing their costs, while typically eliminating errors and speeding closings.


When knowledge, experience, and expertise count, you deserve the very best tools to help achieve perfection on the first pass and every pass. Unlike older document management systems, users of TheFormTool and Doxserá have no need for professional installers or expensive consultants to build or maintain complex libraries of documents for them. They can easily do it themselves, not only reducing expense loads but dramatically improving quality and the speed with which it is accomplished.