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Document Automation for Government

If your office is plagued by repetitive paperwork such as recurring reports and requests for proposals, we can help. With modern document automation software, you will experience immediate relief from tight timelines, looming deadlines, short staffing levels, turnover and stress. Reduce the time and effort invested in manually completing important tasks by more than 70% with our proven document assembly software, while eliminating errors.

Nearly 90% of Doxserá customers rate saving time as the number one benefit of the software, but all agree that eliminating errors is an even greater benefit. Particularly helpful in a time of tight budgets and heavy demands, there’s no need for a one-size fits all solution. Save budgets by equipping only as many staff as need the software. 

Software from TheFormTool is in use by a number of states, provinces, and foreign agencies. They save enormous time and drudgery by producing reports, minutes, RFPs, stakeholder responses, inspections, administrative decisions, and hundreds of other repetitive documents quickly and easily with Doxserá. Your office can benefit as well.


Document automation in government using TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá, and Doxserá DB

Recurring and ad hoc reports
Requests for proposals
Contracts and awards
Administrative rulings
Personnel matters


In government service, consistency is a threshold requirement for document assembly and document automation systems and practices. Consistency includes zero error rates, perfect accuracy, exceptional appearance control, and dependable department support — consistently — across departments, users and time. That’s what our software family does.


However you measure your needs, our software accommodates it: our customers range from small road departments to prosecuting attorneys to NASA; using our software to create everything from routine requests for proposals to contract awards to administrative rulings; from ten variables to 5,000; from one document at a time with TheFormTool PRO, to thousands at once with Doxserá, to as many as you need with Doxserá DB.


Unlike older, highly structured and complex document management systems, happy users have experienced no need for professional installers or expensive consultants to build or maintain libraries of documents for them. You and your colleagues can do it yourselves, not only reducing budget loads but assuring quality and the speed with which it is delivered.


The vast majority of documents created by sections, departments, and agencies are repetitive forms, documents where the majority of text remains constant and the task is to make absolutely certain that the details match the situation. Our customers report that with Doxserá they save 71%, on average,  of the time otherwise invested in documents, dramatically reducing their costs, while typically eliminating errors, reducing stress, and speeding service.