Intelligent Document Assembly in MS Word

With TheFormTool, you can easily and quickly create intelligent documents. In less than ten minutes, you can be assembling documents while leveraging your expertise and investments in staff.

The Bottom Line

The results are significant with TheFormTool PRO: a seven times increase in document assembly speed and elimination of document errors, while reducing stress and putting an end to endless proofing.

In a recent survey, our customers reported saving more than 70% of their time previously spent on repetitive documents.

System Requirements

TheFormTool PRO supports Word for Windows 2007 and all later versions of Word on a Windows operating system. (Mac users, we don’t like it either. Drop a note to MSFT and tell them…)

Tech Specs


Installation & Setup

No special tools or knowledge is required.

    1. Download and open TheFormTool PRO or free version zip folder
    2. Read the readme.txt
    3. Open the Word document theformtoolPRO.docm
    4. Follow the instructions
    5. Close Word.
    6. Reopen Word.

You’re in business.

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TheFormTool PRO


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TheFormTool’s learning curve is lightning fast.

Because TheFormTool uses standard MS WORD commands, an author can automate documents within 10 minutes of downloading TheFormTool, and become proficient with it in less than an hour.

Users of your newly smart, automated forms require no special training; with just two clicks they’ll be on their way.

Our customers have used TheFormTool PRO in more varied and imaginative ways than we ever predicted.

Just recently, a client brought in a 15,000 word hybrid agreement, a mish-mash of an Asset Purchase Agreement, Stock Sale Agreement, and Stock Purchase Agreement. In the past, even the three separate titles were routinely cut and pasted in order to boil the document down to a single-purpose contract. If ever there was a “sue me” form, this was it. We demo’d TheFormTool PRO’s brilliant version of the document the next day. Based on simple answers to questions, TheFormTool changed more than 6,000 words in less than five minutes. The result was a personalized, error free APA complete with 3.5 summary pages showing all the variables in a format designed for easy proofing and review edits. Our customer’s reaction?

“This is mind-boggling, jaw dropping stuff that will change the way we work.”

 By the very next day, the customer had started producing their own brilliant forms.


    • TheFormTool creates rep and engagement letters and fee agreements with ease.
    • Leases, wills, and intake forms are a snap.
    • Patient histories and insurance claims, audit checklists and control questionnaires, interview reports and personnel items can all be accomplished in a flash, error free.
    • For any document that’s used repetitively and needs personalization every time, TheFormTool will reduce staff time and expense by up to 90{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba}, while increasing accuracy.
    • TheFormTool easily automates gender and verb agreement, pronouns and plurals, capitalization, more than two dozen math functions plus extensive formatting of numbers and dates, lists, and complex relationships within or between lists.
    • TheFormTool allows limited, unlimited, or yes/no input choices, master lists across matters, conditional entries, customized field formats, and forward and reverse date precedents.
    • By answering simple questions, form users can expertly complete even the most complex document.
    • Then, for final reviews and approvals, the finished document includes a simple review page showing all of the input variables. No more hunting for individual changes lurking somewhere in a document.

Here’s a complete list of features and functions.

An imaginative list of smart MS Word documents

Here are other uses from an eclectic list that grows daily:

    • An elder-law attorney in Florida uses TheFormTool to manage his 14,900-word master Will form with up to five subsidiary Trusts. What once required days of cutting, pasting, and intensive proofing and editing, can now be accomplished in short hours instead, with less risk of an untoward phrase or a misplaced client.
    • Chiropractic clinics use TheFormTool for patient intake, history, and evaluation.
    • An environmental risk-assessment firm inspects at-risk real estate with TheFormTool, which then automatically generates a 35-page report identifying contamination and recommending remediation.
    • In Boston, a firm uses TheFormTool to generate foreclosure documents, while a firm in Texas uses TheFormTool to defend consumers against foreclosure.
    • A Chicago attorney depends on TheFormTool to generate real estate financings for his clients.
    • On Long Island, a basement waterproofing contractor has its agents create bids and contracts while in the field inspecting clients’ properties.
    • In California, a college instructor with an eye for the future assigns paralegal students homework and projects in which they learn to be more productive by working with TheFormTool.
    • And in Seattle, a pathologist uses TheFormTool to create autopsy reports, while a different firm uses it to appeal hospitals’ Medicare claims.
    • An aspiring solo practitioner purchased TheFormTool to help drive productivity even before deciding on office space.


Product Reviews and Testimonials

TheFormTool has enjoyed reviews from scores of its users and third parties. You can read or download product reviews in our Newsroom, while the experiences of our users are at Customer Reviews Here are a just a few of the areas where TheFormTool has proven its value:

AppraisalsAssessmentsAudit Reports
Asset Purchase AgreementsBankruptcy filingsBids
  ContractsComplaintsCompliance certificates
EvaluationsFee agreementsInterview summaries
LeasesMortgagesPatient intake, history & evaluation
PleadingsReports of all kindsand hundreds of others…

If you’ve spent years creating great documents that fit your needs, now is the time to give them a brain… with TheFormTool. Only $89.

System Requirements

TheFormTool supports WORD 2007™ and later versions on a Windows operating system. Current versions of Word for Mac do not support our software. Tech Specs

Installation & Setup

No special tools or knowledge is required.

    1. Open TheFormTool.
    2. Approve your computer’s security questions.
    3. Close Word. Reopen Word.

You’re in business.

Document Assembly Software

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We are so confident in TheFormTool’s appeal that we’re willing to give it away to you, completely for free.

Just complete this 3 line request and it’s yours, for free, instantly. You’ll receive a lifetime license with no time limit, no watermarks, no advertisements.

All we ask is that you use TheFormTool; give it a really good workout. Prove to yourself that it’s the best software to leverage documents and create forms you’ve ever used, and that it’s the easiest to learn and most user-friendly, too. If you agree, tell your friends. If not, tell us and we’ll work to make it so.

We’re betting that you’ll quickly want more of what we offer. If so, we have just the thing for you: TheFormTool PRO. This is the tool for the Word Warriors™ among us, those who want all the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Scores of Videos

To see scores of videos that will take you from Day One to Rocket Scientist, stop by our online Service Center. For the basic features that Doxserá shares with TheFormTool, stop by the online tutorial The Learning Curve.

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