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Document Automation for Business

Document automation software from TheFormTool is already the answer for thousands of companies in more than 200 industries in more than 80 countries seeking to improve productivity.

If you’re looking for a productivity tool that will:

have a nearly instant effect;

is so easy to use that no consultants, IT professionals or installers are necessary;

is powerful enough to keep up with your most sophisticated needs;

and presents an amazing value proposition, you’ve found the answer.

Our customer base is incredibly diverse, composed of  businesses located all over the world. From one-to-one customer liaison to large enterprises, TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá, Doxserá DB, or Aurora can help your organization succeed by creating truly smart documents that leverage your organization’s intelligence, flexibility and efficiency. 

We’re honored that our software is used by professionals to:

    • evaluate risks in projects as diverse as skating rinks and the tallest buildings in the world
    • write operations manuals and emergency procedures for more than 300 ocean drilling platforms
    • create agreements for a top-five fast food franchisor
    • write policies for a industrial insuror
    • price the construction of ISP hubs
    • do dozens of types of company financings
    • bid on mortgage servicing packages
    • help with wealth advisory services in the wealthiest countires on earth
    • arrange tugboat schedules in ports around the world
    • assure compliance with Dodd-Frank
    • prosecute miscreants in Singapore
    • defend suspects in California
    • manage intellectual property for a space agency
    • protect consumers from financial fraud
    • create patent applications for medical devices
    • sell groceries
    • defend taxpayers
    • … and, thousands and thousands of other uses.

Whatever your need for improved productivity, if it involves repetitive documents our software can do for you what so many of our customers say it has done for them, “This changes everything!”

Productive uses for TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá 

    • Bids
    • Contracts and sales agreements
    • Catalogs
    • Appraisals
    • Environmental risk assessments
    • Service level agreements
    • Operations manual
    • RFPs, SOWs, Materials Lists, HR items
    • … and millions more


More than 60% of typical office time, and 40% of a firm’s expense, is dedicated to documents creation. The lion’s share are repetitive forms, documents where the majority of text remains constant and the task is to make absolutely certain that the details match the purpose. Our customers report that with Doxserá they save an average of 71% of the time they once invested in repetitive documents, dramatically reducing their costs, while typically eliminating errors and speeding service to customers.


Unlike legacy document management systems, users of TheFormTool and Doxserá have no need for professional installers or expensive consultants to build or maintain complex libraries of documents for them. You and your staff can do it for yourselves, not only reducing expense loads but dramatically improving quality and the speed with which it is accomplished.


Your customers expect consistency. Consistency includes zero error rates, perfect accuracy, exceptional appearance control, and dependable brand support — consistently — across customers, locations, users and time. Consistency is a threshold requirement for document assembly and document automation systems and practices. TheFormTool and Doxserá deliver consistency with each and every use.


Whether the smallest shop or a Fortune 100 enterprise, our software will accommodate your needs: from bids to contracts to catalogs; from spec sheets to price lists; from one-person firms to top five in the world in multiple industries; to create documents that range from ten variables to 5,000; from one document at a time with TheFormTool PRO, to thousands at once with Doxserá, to as many as you like with Doxserá DB, software from TheFormTool, LLC is the answer.