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Document Automation for Medicine and Medical Services

Producing highly accurate documents  can be a tough job in an industry where so many repetitive records are needed and time is so very valuable. From patient guidance sheets to emergency room protocols, document automation is a miracle for medical professionals. Intelligent documents created with our software typically speeds repetitive paperwork by more than 70% and eliminates errors.

Software from TheFormTool is in use in:

  • hospital ERs, to help triage drug overdoses on overwhelmingly busy weekend nights
  • doctors’ offices and multi-specialty clinics
  • hospital consortiums to appeal insurance and government reimbursement decisions
  • drug manufacturers’ production facilities to assure quality control standards are met and recorded correctly
  • insurance companies to produce customized policies and binders that take account of customers’ specific needs

As the demand for record keeping and professional communications continues to increase, the ease of use, power, flexibility and value provided by Doxserá and Doxserá DB are the best in the world for medical practitioners.

The easiest to use and most powerful document automation software that changes everything

Medical uses for TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá

    • Patient guidance
    • Emergency room protocols
    • Technical reports & explanations
    • Medicaid appeals
    • and thousands more


The vast majority of documents created by doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurance companies are repetitive forms, documents where the majority of text remains constant and the task is to make absolutely certain that the details match the patient, the diagnosis, and the treatment. Our customers report that with Doxserá they save 71%, on average, of the time otherwise invested in documents, dramatically reducing their costs, while typically eliminating errors and speeding service to patients. With ever-increasing pressure on costs, on speed, on accuracy, practitioners need all the help technology can deliver. TheFormTool and Doxserá deliver the easiest to use and most powerful document automation in the world.®


Among practitioners, consistency is a threshold requirement for document assembly and document automation systems and practices. Consistency includes zero error rates, perfect accuracy, exceptional appearance control, and dependable brand support — consistently — across patients, locations, users and time.


Unlike older document management systems, users of TheFormTool and Doxserá have no need for professional installers or expensive consultants to build or maintain complex libraries of documents for them. You can easily do it yourself, not only reducing costs but dramatically improving quality and the speed with which it is accomplished.


However you measure size, our medical document automation software accommodates it: from one-person practices to one of the largest insurance companies in the world; from 200-word patient histories to complex ER protocols and triage strategies; from ten variables to hundreds of complex Boolean relationships; from one document at a time with TheFormTool PRO, to thousands at once with Doxserá.