Welcome to a new era in the high-return world of information utilization.

Once you’ve seen what Aurora webData™ can do – for your data, your repetitive documents and your bottom line – you’ll never look back.


Aurora integrates powerful web-enabled data capture and a secure dedicated database with the category-defining document assembly and automation capabilities of our revolutionary software. The result is an evolutionary leap in the ability of organizations of every size to define, collect, store, access, utilize and maximize high-value data — quickly, easily and affordably.


With Aurora, the only real challenge is envisioning the countless ways its extraordinary functionality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness can transform your business.


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New ability to collect/store/use your data

Aurora enables you to collect precisely the data you need from remote or on-site clients, customers, vendors and employees – in real time and at almost no cost. Then it safely stores that highly valuable proprietary data for your immediate and future use. More…

Nearly effortless access to a wide range of data sources

Aurora harnesses the full power of TheFormTool’s amazing decisioning engine to simply, simultaneously and seamlessly access a wide array of data sources, including your newly captured proprietary data, as well as SQL, Access, Excel and Outlook, for use in your intelligent documents. More…

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Easy-to-use automated document capabilities

Aurora makes the creation of highly effective automated documents simple and easy. Complex tasks that until now required the full might of an expensive IT department can be handled by almost anyone in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort. More…

Dramatic savings in time, cost and errors

Aurora offers you a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat. By minimizing the effort involved in data collection and entry, Aurora can have a significant – and ongoing – impact on your productivity, your agility and your profitability. More…

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An option for every budget, every need, every vision

Aurora is available at three different price/service levels to meet the needs of every business visionary – from sole practitioners to the largest multinational corporations.

With capabilities this advanced, accessible and affordable, the future is already here. More…

Aurora Sunrise, the entry-level product and software in the Aurora family, is available now.



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