Welcome to a new era in the high-return world of information utilization.

What is Aurora webData?

Once you’ve seen what Aurora webData™ can do – for your data, your repetitive documents and your bottom line – you’ll never look back.

The bottom line: moving data collection outside the office and automating document assembly can reduce your office labor costs by more than 40% while eliminating errors.

Aurora integrates powerful web-enabled data capture with secure, dedicated, completely customized databases and our document assembly and automation software. The result is a leap in the ability of organizations of every size to collect, store, access, utilize and maximize high-value data — quickly, easily and affordably.

With Aurora Sunrise, the audiences you choose—whether one or one thousand—answer your auto-personalized questions on customized white label pages created just for you. Their answers are stored in a secure database built just for you and accessible only to you. All the data is encrypted, front to back.

Aurora webData™ is a revolutionary and complete solution—software, system, security—in a package that requires no special resources, no IT department or additional hardware, no consultants or installers.

Your firm, whether tiny or Fortune 100, can cost-effectively expand your reach for secure data acquisition, storage, and use across the internet or on your intranet in less than an hour.

With Aurora, the only real challenge is envisioning the countless ways its extraordinary functionality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness can transform your business.


Here’s Our Elevator Pitch

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New ability to easily collect/store/use your data from anywhere

Data collection, which has until now been the most difficult, time consuming and expensive element in document assembly and decision making, is now almost unbelievably inexpensive and amazingly easy to use, whether for a one-person shop or a Fortune 100 corporation.

Aurora enables you to collect precisely the data you need from remote or on-site clients, customers, vendors and employees – in real time and at almost no cost. It safely stores your highly valuable proprietary data for your immediate or future use.

Aurora’s new Conditional Questions feature allows you to distill even the most complex Questionnaire for your specific audience to almost any degree of granularity. 

      • Insurance companies can differentiate between jurisdictions, customer types, and their insurance interests.
      • Law firms are tailoring the questions to the client, custom fitting for LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships; between private and public, SEC and exempt, single and married.
      • Financial firms can focus on fixed or variable, for portfolio, securitization or whole loan sale, revolving or term. Whether six degrees of separation or sixty, Aurora can customize it.

There are thousands of imaginative uses for Aurora. Here are just a few:

Magically, click a button and in seconds produce precisely tailored documents without errors.


Here’s what it looks like to a
Data Provider, client, customer, vendor, or employee
answering questions.



We take security seriously

Security in IT boils down to 3 tenets: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. This refers to the privacy, fidelity, and accessibility of an application and the data within.

The firms who partner with us are the best in the business for security considerations:

Amazon Web Services for infrastructure, including CloudWatch and CloudTrail,

Rackspace for site management best practices, using Compass for scans of 400 health and threat indicators,

Cloudflare and Sucuri for DDos, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, geo- and IP-blocking, SSL and PCI-compliant firewall, malware, hack and brute-force protection,

and Digicert for SSL.

In and out communications are encrypted. None of Aurora webData’s servers are publicly accessible and we use a “least permissions” restriction philosophy. Data access constraints include location, username, password and IP address query restrictions.

Data is backed up daily.


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Easy-to-use automated document capabilities

Aurora makes the creation of highly effective automated documents simple and easy. Complex tasks that until now required the full might of an expensive IT department can be handled by almost anyone in your office in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the effort, at a fraction of the cost.

Aurora benefits from a proven heritage of creating one or a zillion documents, effortlessly managing pronouns and plurals, conditional text and lists, math and dates.

Aurora can personalize fonts, layouts, logos, and entire document personalities on the fly. Questions can be conditional, where the questions asked change on the basis of questions answered.

Whether the document is a one-page summary or 20 600-page contracts, proposals, merger agreements, safety manuals, employee benefit reports, or all of them simultaneously, Aurora can handle it… easily.


Using Conditional Questions


Dramatic savings in time, cost and errors

Aurora offers you a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat by moving the cost of data collection and entry outside your office. Aurora will have a significant – and ongoing – impact on your company’s productivity, agility, profitability and ability to scale.

TheFormTool’s customers typically experience a cost advantage of more than 70% in the creation of repetitive documents, an activity that accounts for more than 25% of labor costs in the average office of information workers.

Aurora’s ability to minimize costs by moving data entry out of your office and off your P&L can create all-in savings equal to 12% of total costs. When data capture becomes nearly free the efficiency, ability and incentive to scale become revolutionary.


An attorney filing complex annual reports for business clients can use Aurora to allow clients to  remotely enter and verify the required information. Once input, with a single click Aurora can access the data and automatically and intelligently assemble the required forms.

An insurance company can allow a current or prospective commercial client or a broker to remotely input information required for risk evaluation, pricing, policy construction and approval. With a single click, the approving manager can create a customized binder, policy and invoice, confident that the documents are right.

A developer of digital data centers can accept client needs data and materials cost information from vendors, and match that information with internal labor costs and productivity standards to instantly produce SOWs, materials lists, performance orders, schedules, and a contract.

As a client our own firm benefited when our outside law firm reduced the price of our securities documents by 87% while dramatically speeding delivery and eliminating errors using Doxserá to produce all of our offering documents. 


Aurora’s potential uses are almost unlimited, driven by our customers’ ever-increasing needs for efficiency balanced by equal priorities for error-free final results. For instance, proofing for errors in a professional environment is hugely expensive as a proportion of total preparation costs. With Aurora’s efficient data entry, proofing can be accelerated by 90% or more, with higher quality.


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Here is a real-time demonstration of creating a document using data stored in the Aurora Data Center. 32 seconds



A bargain for every budget, every need, every vision

What would it cost you to replicate Aurora’s features:

      • internet collection of data,
      • world-class security,
      • instantly usable for document-assembly and -automation, and data-based decisioning,
      • with amazing scalability?

And have the whole thing up and running next week?

Aurora is available at about 1% of that cost.

Aurora meets the needs of every business visionary – from sole practitioners to the largest multinational corporations.

With capabilities this advanced, accessible and affordable, your future is already here.


Aurora webData is available now.



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