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TheFormTool PRO Version History

Version 3.6.201118

Minor fixes: Standardized user messages and issue with intelligent forms licenses. Corrected date offset error when using non-U.S. date formats.

Version 3.6.191207

Fixes: Forms did not always automatically Reset before re-Filling; TFT variables in footnotes in Passages didn’t process properly.
h/t: Gregory  C. Picken, North Palm Beach, FL; Anthony I. Danielson, Esq.,  Sacramento, CA 

Version 3.6.191121

Enhancements: Made additional speed improvements when filling (up to 80% faster); Now removing some metadata from all distribution files to be less susceptible to security blocks; Added a “Speedy Fill” button in the Options menu (same as clicking Shift+Fill)
Fixes: Issue using sublists to access nested date from external sources or when used with Dropdown answers.h/t: Steven Crute, UK




Enhancements: Allows the selection of the last item in a list.



Fixes issues: where some Conditions inside Lists based on checkbox answers were not working; Check Form was not removing some conditions based that include reference to answer that no longer exists.

h/t: Mike Juliano, Mt. Laurel, NJ; Jerry McCullum, New Albany, Indiana



Fixes issues: where checkbox in Condition screen that sometimes appeared on top of Dropdown; error during Fill with Condition based on secondary column of Master List used as source of checkbox-type answer; error with boolean conditions based on secondary columns of master lists used as sources for checkbox answers.

h/t: Mike Juliano, Mt. Laurel, NJ



Fixes issues: where filter did not work in sublist of master list items filtered to include only items where secondary column is empty; fields  defaulting to date format.

h/t: Evan Barash, Mt. Vernon, NY




Fixes issues:  where some Pronoun Fields cause error when they refer to a series answer and there are no items in the series answer; minor issues.




Accelerator and Macro Features Added to most ribbon functions
Compatibility maintained with Doxserá and Doxserá DB

Fixes issues where: Previous/Next fields were giving Current value in filtered Sublists that refer to checkbox answers; Next Fields gave incorrect results when contained in a nested List layer; certain linked answers were not refreshing properly when items in the parent answer changed; some folio answers in grids were not saved during Save/Load; when editing a sublist with filter based on linked combobox-typed-here answer

h/t: Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK; Alex Bainov, Oak Bluff, Manitoba




Fixes: Problem where form will not remember changes when editing a condition; and, an issue when a List immediately precedes a table

h/t: John Bardoel, Melbourne, Victoria; Dr. Bert Boeddeker, Eching, Germany; Steven Kleiner, Wilmington, DE




Fixes issue: to check hidden mode before allowing a Q’r to be saved; that could happen with first, next, last, previous, and numbered fields appear outside lists; where removing an answer from the questionnaire could remove an unrelated condition from the body of the form.

h/t: Stephen Crute, Kyrgyz Republic; Scott Vanden Bos, Wilsonville, OR; Victoria Hartien, Halifax, NS



Fixes: Problems where Lists formatted as tables were not filled properly during Fill; error during Fill in forms where “OLE” bookmarks had been incorrectly applied; inability to edit a compound condition based on a checkbox answer in a grid; rare instance where installation could fail; error that could occur when selecting a field in the Field screen.



Enhancement: Eliminates the program’s dependence on Windows’ Clipboard to prevent infrequent recurring but random errors caused by the Clipboard’s inability to keep pace with the speed requirements of large, complex forms and new computers.

h/t: Michele Whitlock, Philadelphia, PA; Victoria Hartien and Dustin MacDonald, Halifax, NS, Canada; John Vinci, Hamilton, VA; Karley Clawson, Sacramento, CA

Version 3.3i


Fixes: Problem where the dropdown box to choose a secondary column from a Master List was sometimes not appearing in the Field screen and number comparisons were compromised. Field renaming process looping with some section configurations. Check Form now catches Conditions with missing EOC markers. Create Condition around text that includes a hidden index entry field. Clarified info screen for missing end-of-condition marker.

h/t: Henrietta Visscher, London, Ontario; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK

Version 3.3h


Fixes: Problem where some number formats used lowercase “s” where it should be capitalized. In one default List format an apostrophe was added to a Sublist of two items. Adds a column selector box in Answers with Master List sources.h/t: Peter Weise, Springfield, IL; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK

Version 3.3g


FixesBug that prevented adding Rows to GRIDs.

h/t: Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK

Version 3.3f


FixesConditions that compare secondary columns in Master Lists were not working.  Math Answer in a GRID Derived Answer used in a List was characterized as Text.

h/t: Charles Fulghum, Pascagoula, MS; Henrietta Visscher, London, Ontario, Canada; John Browning Kirk, Thornton, CO

Version 3.3e


FixesIssue with Derived Answers in GRIDs not Refreshing properly

h/t: Chris Chen, San Francisco, CA

Version 3.3d


Fixes: Bug that prevented editing {if: code in a List

h/t:  Victoria Hartlen, Halifax, NS

Version 3.3c


Fixes:  Bug introduced by Microsoft in Word 2016 update that prevents Paste command from working under specific circumstances; Use new “{IF:” format in a Condition in a List; Check Form tool now flags Track Changes; Default to Oxford comma.

Version 3.3b


EnhancementsAdded ability to choose secondary columns in Master List when creating criteria for Conditions and Sublists. Added pronoun fields for linked dropdown answers that use another answer as source.

Fixes:  Problem with copy/pasting in tables

Version 3.3a


Fixes: Minor fixes, including end of list markers, and major update to the Expert User Manual included with download

Version 3.3


Fixed significant bug introduced in TheFormTool 3.0 that caused Singular/Plural Fields that are based on With-Pronoun Answers to sometimes give incorrect results.

We strongly encourage all users to update to version 3.3.

Version 3.2h


Fixed bug where Fields for secondary columns in a Grid could be blank when (1) they appeared within a sublist and (2) the first column of the grid was a dropdown based on another answer.

Version 3.2g


Fixed bugs where: a Field referring to a Derived Answer in a Grid could result in a blank.

Sublists were not filtering properly.

h/t:  John Vinci, Herndon, VA; 

Version 3.2f


Fixed bugs where: An incorrect pronoun field result when first column of grid is dropdown that uses a series-pronoun answer as its source.

h/t:  Bruce Cheatham, Dallas, TX; John Vinci, Herndon, VA; 

Version 3.2e


Fixed bugs where:

Sublist could contain wrong items when its filter included reference to an item in a derived grid answer.
Check Form routine could get stuck in a loop.
A Condition could give the wrong result if (a) it appeared inside a List that was based on a Dropdown Series answer, and (b) the Condition referred to an answer that’s linked to the answer that’s used as the source for the Dropdown Series answer.
DerivedFirstDate and DerivedLastDate functions could give wrong result.
A Field in a List could give the wrong item in a linked answer.
DerivedList functions could give wrong results when used with a Derived Series Answer.
Derived Series Answers could fail in a Form Set if they did not appear in the first form.
A Sublist that uses a Yes/No answer in its filter was always checking for “Yes” even if a different filter was selected.

Fixed error that could happen when changing the path.
Fixed unnecessary repetition when processing derived answers in a Form Set.
Fixed “include N/A choice” option that was sometimes added to Yes/No answers even when it was not selected.
Eliminated error and added message when Locations include a missing drive.

Version 3.2d



Fixed errors during Refresh for linked answer that uses Grid answer as source
Improved license code screen and error handling for improper codes; rare Singular/Plural errors where Lists and Derived Answers weren’t processing, where The Check Form tool didn’t recognize a Field that referred to a non-existent layer;
Fixed blank dividers in compiled questionnaire
Improved error handling when a Master List is missing
Added “save” and “load” indicators in Save/Load screen
Fixed bug that caused Pronoun field to only look at first item in series when it was supposed to consider entire series
Improved preservation of formatting when Form Set questionnaire is compiled

h/t: JP Desrochers, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA; Victoria Hartien, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA; Bill Cutchin, Florida

Version 3.2



Corrects issue updating forms created prior to March 2012 that used illegal characters in Labels and Fields.

h/t: Marsha Kuhn, St. Johnsbury, VT

Version 3.1



New math function: Age.

Several items in anticipation of future products.


Conditions based on dropdowns now allow other answers to show “is empty” choices
Enables changing path from shared back to local
Clear Answers command enables on linked dropdown answer
Conditions and sublists based on Yes/No answers reliably allows “is/is not” choices
Adding a Grid after a selected Grid adds new Grid at bottom of questionnaire
After peeking splits screen, avoids error on Peek with cursor in lower screen

h/t: Noel French, MI; Bill Cutchin, FL; Brenda Havens, IN;

Version 3.0a



Corrects error where TFT PRO changes its name to Doxserá on its permanent file and an intermittent error where in the form update process the “Check Form” would enter a loop when adding Layers to Lists.

h/t: Shirley Graham, Salem, Oregon; Jerry McCullum, New Albany, New York

Version 3.0



Up to 80{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} faster
Derived Series Answers
, with sorting, to act as “baskets” for unrelated data
List Layers to allow lists to use cross-relational data
Interface & feature improvements


More than 20 minor bug fixes

h/t: Thomas Gruich. Norton Shores, MI; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX; Donald Lowrey, Las Vegas, NV; Jason Alcock, Stone Mountain, GA;  Erminio Van Malleghem, Orange City, FL; Alvaros Cubas, Cartagena, Columbia; Victoria Hartien, Halifax, Nova Scota, Canada; Jon Sutton, Malaga, Spain; David Aquilera, Chicago, IL

Version 2.9b



Adds a Metadata Scrubbing feature in the Options menu. Setting Metadata Scrubbing “On” scrubs ALL metadata (comments, document properties including author, email headers, annotations, track changes revisions, and routing slips) from a document when it is Petrified.


Improves Check Form tool removal of unused questions. Improved reliability of Conditions within a List when based on a Dropdown Series answer.

h/t: Donna Marino, The Florida Bar Foundation

Version 2.9



Wrapper enables documents to change appearance instantly and automatically, managing fonts, styles, colors, borders, watermarks, headers and footers, logos and graphics.

Manage entire personalities, from industrial to fashionable, for jurisdictions and venues, divisions, affiliates, locations. Whether for a one-person conglomerate or a multi-line publisher, Wrapper is a major upgrade, a chameleon for your documents.

h/t: Ellen Treven, Sydney, Australia; Robert Weimer, New Orleans


Version 2.8b



Speed improvement: Fill command now skips Headers/Footers that are marked “Same as previous.” Added check to make sure Fill doesn’t skip Headers/Footers in first section of a document even if Word misreports status. Conditional a/an and periods now work in Derived Answers.


Fixed bug where related data could be mismatched when a Field from an answer that linked to a Checkbox answer appears in a List that’s created from the parent answer. Several minor bugs.


Version 2.8a


Enhancements:Reinstated ability to use a Series or List answer as the source for choices in a Checkboxes answer.  

Reinstated ability to create Dropdown answer in first column of GRID.  

Fill command now does pre-check to make sure there are no duplicates in first column of GRIDs.  


Fixed a bug introduced in TFT2.8 that caused a nested list to repeat first item instead of listing all items.

Fixed a bug introduced in TFT2.8 that prevented Checkboxes from operating properly.

h/t: Seth Wilson, Indianapolis; Sharon Marsh, Ellsworth, KS

Version 2.8


Enhancements: Improved Smart Answer screen. 

Improved spacing around checkboxes in Checkbox answers.

Terminology change: what used to be called the “Q&A Table and Grids” is now called the “Questionnaire”. 

Changed labels on three buttons:  “Table” becomes “Questionnaire”, “Answer” becomes “Smart Answer”, and “Row/Col” becomes “Row/Column”. 

Grids now have a white background instead of a transparent background. 

Master Lists can now be shared with other offices the same way Folios are shared:  send a Master List editing document to the recipient, who opens the document then clicks Master List, Save and Close. 

Added new command Tools\Language\English which makes Date Fields in a particular form use English instead of the computer system’s default language.

Bug: Fixed bugs where fields in lists could sometimes fail if they occurred after a nested list and where date offset could calculate incorrectly across lengthy intervals.

h/t: Mark Bucksbaum, Manchester, ME; Bruce Cheatham, Dallas, TX; Erminio Van Mallegham, Orange City, FL; Jim Evans, Haddonfield, NJ; Joseph Kellemen, Buffalo, NY; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX; Barbara League, Seattle, WA; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK; Greg Picken, North Palm Beach, FL; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS; Steven Sciple, Mobile, AL.

Version 2.7b


Enhancements: Added ability for Lists within Lists to maintain relationships through multiple relationship levels. 

Version 2.7a


Enhancements: Improved processing of Lists-within-Lists.  Math functions “Integer” and “Remainder” now return zero when they are applied to empty answers. h/t: Jim Evans, Haddonfield, NJ; Alexander Davie, Nashville, TN.

Version 2.7


Enhancements: Added 7 new math functions that analyze sequences of dates and numbers in derived answers such as might be generated in a subList. The new functions are DerivedCount, DerivedFirstDate, DerivedLastDate, DerivedMax, DerivedMin, DerivedMultiply, and DerivedSum. ListMax, ListMin, ListMultiply, and ListSum functions properly result in zero when the list is empty.  A derived answer in the Question & Answer Table can now refer to the result of a derived answer in a GRID.  h/t: Dave Maxfield, Columbia, SC; Katherine Speer, Denver, CO; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX.

Version 2.6n

8.23.2013 rev. 6.30.2014

Enhancements: Check Form tool now recognizes when an answer is used as a source in another answer and does not flag it as an unused answer to be removed.Improved handling of lists-within-lists (including lists that occur within Derived Answers that appear in Grids).  In particular, Sublists and Conditions that appear in a list-within-a-list now properly evaluate fields that occur in the outer list, the inner list, or both.When a field can’t be processed, the error message has been expanded to suggest 3 self-help steps.Fixes: Error that occurred when a condition was based on whether Item #X in a checkbox answer is checked, and the item number was greater than 10. Bug where Up and Down commands that moved the first row in a grid could break a derived answer. Bug where a condition within a list sometimes behaved as if it depended on a list item even if it depended on an answer external to the list, resulting in incorrect true/false results. Drop down box in Math screen that was sometimes showing an unwanted second column. Problem where in some cases a compound condition could not be created when multiple clauses of the condition referred to a checkbox-choice-type answer. h/t: Pierre Emmanuel Mouthuy, Brussels, Belgium; Julie Penwell, Athens, OH; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK.

Version 2.6 (“STRETCH) 8.23.2013 rev. 5.3.2014

Adds: Forward compatibility to work with documents created with Doxserá, creates an ability to share Q&A Tables with others to answer remotely and a “Prepare to Share” command to prep the Q&A Table for sharing; “Hide” command to hide Labels column in Q&A Table; Find & Paste command modified to replace Fields. “Speedy Fill” for forms with more than 1,000 Conditions. Minor bug fixes. h/t: Kerry Brink, Tacoma, WA; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS; Ryan Mattson, Fairfax, VA; Alex Davie,  Nashville, TN 

Version 2.5   6.12.2013

Adds: Grids (for horizontal data entry of related information) and the ability to automatically convert Lists to Grids; Sublists; Item Fields to select particular data items from Lists and Grids; and Compound Conditions (full Boolean logic) using AND/OR/XOR and parentheticals. h/t: Bob Baumgartner, Fairfax, VA; Mike Conway, Boonville, MO; Alex Davie, Nashville, TN; Elisa Fahrbach, Indianapolis, IN; Thom Gilman, Ashland, OH; Ben Glover, Nashville, TN; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX; Mike Lauterbach, Stevens Point, WI; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK; Andrew Shear, Oakland, CA; Craig Sobe, Waterford, MI; Ed Still, Birmingham, AL; Steve Stovall, Lakewood, WA; Adri van den Hoover, Koudekerske, NETHERLANDS; Erminio van Malleghem, Orange City, FL

Version 2.4 2.1.2013

Adds: Another speed increase of more than 700{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} while Filling, Resetting, Saving and Loading. Minor bug fixes. h/t: Eric Zaidins,  Mt. Kisko, NY: Jim Van Dillen,  St. Louis, Mo; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS; Bob Lilly, Charleston, WV; Alex Davie, Nashville, TN; Ellis Carter, Phoenix, AZ
Version 2.3 10.8.2012 Adds: Includes speed increases of up to 600{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} while opening Field and Smart Answer screens and Filling forms. The time saved will be most apparent while testing, answering and using complex forms, those with a large number of related variables, lengthy Q & A Tables, or large numbers of document tables.Minor bug fixes. h/t: David E. Trice, Chicago, IL; Jason Jablonski, Buffalo, NY; John Flora, Boulder, CO; Arnaud Duchesne, Luxembourg, LU; Mike Conway, Booneville, MO
Version 2.2 8.14.2012 Adds:  Extends Master Lists from 10 columns of data points per listed item to 63 and allows Conditions to be determined by secondary columns. Improves Master Lists user-interface and allows multi-line entries. Allows Conditional rows in tables and Conditional sections in the document.Allows the form Author to determine whether empty Fields in the document are to be shown as blank lines.Allows for Find and Paste to insert Fields in a document and for searches in the Field/List/Condition screen.Provides color-coded Dividers and sections to organize lengthy Q&A Tables.Adds a function to Clear Answers in the Q&A Table when building or testing forms.Adds a function to alphabetize choices in the Smart Answer screen.Adds a Start button for document users.Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.1(x) Minor revisions Adds: A feature where the new criteria for Conditions introduced in TFT v2.1 are also applicable to items in Lists when creating Conditions within a List.First person pronoun fields: I/we, me/us, my/our.The ability to create a Linked List-type answer that’s linked to a Choice-type answer that allows multiple choices. (Previously Linked List-type answers could only be linked to List-type answers.)Increased ease to delete previously-saved Q & A Tables.Fixes bugs:Where Smart Answers sometimes scrambled saved/loaded information that contained a list of text with pronounsWhere renaming a Field did not update links to that Field in Linked List answers;Where Math calculations were not performed if they were contained in a Field associated with  Text-with-Pronoun or Choice type answers;When saving Q&A Tables that contain empty rows;Where the ListCount function was not returning the correct number for Choice-type answers with multiple-choice turned on.Where Linked-List-type answers were not being displayed in the list of choices when a field was inserted in a list formatted as a table.h/t: Alex Davie, Nashville, TN; Carissa Smith, Ann Arbor, MI; Sharon Marsh, Ellsworth, KS; Dallas Mosier, Yorba Linda, CA; Will Dunlap, Annapolis, MD; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX; Tim Schober, Victoria, BC; Michael Lauterbach, Stevens Point, WI.
Version 2.1 5.28.2012 “Derived Answers” allow answers to be chained or compared logically and mathematically with other text or math answers so that users can generate entirely new Answers based on precedent Answers. Derived Answers can be hidden for “behind the scenes” computations. Conditions now include comparators for numbers (more than, less than), dates (earlier than, later than) and text (same as, starts with, contains, ends with, is alphabetically before/after). Adds an Index for the Expert User and Quick Start guides. h/t: Steve Buchwalter, Encino CA; Justin Sheehan, Lansing, MI; Jeanette Otis, Bloomington, Il.; Jason Jablonski, Buffalo, NY; Michael Lauterbach, Stevens Point, WI; Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS
Version 2.0 The Math Edition!  Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide; Absolute, Constant, Days, Field, Integer, List (Count, Number, Maximum, Minimum, Multiply, Sum) Logarithm, Maximum, Minimum, Months, Now, Payment, Raise to Power (Exponentiation), Remainder, Root, Round and Years, each of which can nested almost endlessly to perform complex calculations. h/t: John Brewer, Oklahoma City; Bonnie Humphrey, Minot; Janette Kwan, Markham; John Loeffler, Spokane; Laura Mann, West Milford; Jay Melnick, Chicago; Eric Peterson, Beaverton; Brent Rose, Tampa; Jason Ruby; Eric Zaidins, Mt. Kisco
Version 1.1.08 Corrects compatibility issue created when a document created with Word 2010 is later opened with Word 2007 if hyphens are used in the Field/Label name. A run time error would occur when using labels such as “Co-Trustee” or “Vice-President.” (More information is available on The Forum/Bugs!). This update also provides a shortcut for adding repeating fields/labels. (More information is available on The Forum/Features). .
Version 1.1.07 More than 60% faster. Lists in the document can now contain other lists, for cascades of nested lists. New Plural Fields: Person/People, This/These, That/Those. Bug fixes.  .
Version 1.1.06 Move Up and Move Down commands now allow selection and movement of multiple rows in the Q & A Table. Added a prompt for user confirmation when using the Empty Cells command. Minor bug fixes. .
Version 1.1.05 Added automatic check for older document file types. .
Version 1.1.04 Added color coding to headings in Save/Load screen. .
Version 1.1.03 Added ability for lists to be presented as tables, including formatting options, optional headers and column totals, all with preview capability. .
Version 1.1.02 Added additional pronoun field choices. .
Version 1.1.01 Added date offsets to manage forward and reverse date precedents..

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