We’re offering our products and services at no cost
to “pro bono” firms that serve at least 5,000 clients per year

Pro bono firms provide otherwise underserved populations with access to justice they would otherwise be unable to afford from traditional legal service providers. The firms come in many names, including

Names of pro bono organization types Whatever the name, our software can help.

A prospective client approaching a traditional law firm represents a symmetrical relationship; the client is both a cost and a revenue source. However, to a pro bono firm the client is not a source of significant income but only a draw against a limited resource: volunteer or staff time. For these firms, the effort to be efficient must be greatly magnified.

Two of the largest “time consumables” to all who offer legal services are data collection and document preparation. Because documents need to be Time saved with TFT softwareprecisely personalized to fit the specific circumstances and must be flawlessly accurate, their preparation consumes relatively large amounts of time. The traditional means of gathering the basic information necessary to advance or resolve a matter, in face to face interviews, is often unnecessary and generally inefficient. Customers using Doxserá products report saving on average more than 70% of the time otherwise spent creating repetitive documents.

Doxserá, Doxserá DB, and DB User

Doxserá and Doxserá DB have been proven to reduce time spent in document creation by more than 70%. Put another way, program users report quadrupling their productivity on average. Since document preparation eats up 60% of law office time, the ability to do four times the work with no increase in staffing (or volunteer time) is huge.

Aurora for Pro Bono and Access to Justice firms

Adding our Aurora webData™ system to the mix dramatically magnifies the effect of the software by moving the bulk of the data input effort away from staff or volunteers and into the lap of the client. Aurora collects the answers you need from the original sources at a time and in the place most convenient to them. Rather than coming into the office or sitting through a telephone interview, clients can answer online, anytime, anywhere.
Staff or volunteers can review the answers at their convenience, and then move for follow up as needed or click a button and instantly produce the appropriate documents.

The result is magic, an enormous leap in productivity, error prevention, and compliance.

Advantage: Training

A volunteer workforce offers tremendous rewards but also represents huge challenges in terms of consistency and training. Because the Doxserá software family is both the easiest to use and the most powerful, using Doxserá greatly aids achieving training goals and maintaining institutional consistency.

Our software operates entirely in Word for Windows and requires just three simple steps:

    1. Check the interview answers for reasonableness and truly special circumstances.
    2. Click Fill.
    3. Case closed.

More than 80% of your matters will fit that pattern, leaving plenty of time to deal with the other 20%.

The average User, the person tasked with reviewing the answers and completing documents, perhaps 80% of your staff and volunteers, can be trained and ready to go in ten minutes.

A form Author, 10% to 20% of your staff, will need a bit more training, perhaps a couple of hours to become productive.

Finally, the best approach to creating a cadre of on-site experts is to put them through our multi-channel training course, The Lesson Plan, 33 highly structured classes averaging about 12 minutes.

Advantage: Error Rate

Software from TheFormTool starts out with the best thinking from your best personnel and improves from there. It never tires, never gets distracted, never misses a clue once discovered. Studies show human decision makers vary their decisions even when the facts, circumstances, and the law are identical. Not so with intelligent documents created with the Doxserá software family.

In the Office, Out of the Office, or Both

While our Doxserá products are generally designed for one-on-one contact, Aurora adds the magic of the Internet to the mix. With Aurora you can invite prospective or existing clients to web-based interviews where questions you design solicit exactly the data you need. Clients can answer from home, work, Starbucks, the library, wherever is convenient, and Aurora works 24/7/365. When the client is done, the data is securely stored and available to you on demand for review or action. The cost of that initial interview and the data it produces is zero dollars and time.

For a simple, straightforward matter the process might involve only clicking the Fill command to produce all the documents your client needs to solve his or her issue. We call this “one (click) and done” and it really can be just that simple for—not all—but a solid majority of your matters.

Our Offer is Simple and Powerful

As our payback to the legal community that has been so very good to us over the past years, we’re offering our products and services at no cost (“free”) to pro bono firms that serve at least 5,000 clients per year. This offer is initially valid only to firms headquartered and operating in the United States and Canada.

In consultation with the firm, we will recommend and agree upon the mix of Doxserá products and Aurora services that are appropriate to the firm’s needs. TheFormTool, LLC will provide that mix of software and services on an annual no cost subscription, asking only that:

    • The firm agrees to use our products as its primary document assembly and automation system.
    • The firm assures that at least one staff member has completed The Lesson Plan, our accelerated multi-channel training course.
    • The firm provides a copy of the selected software to each staff member and volunteer for use exclusively for the firm’s business.
    • The firm agrees to provide TheFormTool, LLC with information suitable for case studies or white papers, either for attribution or not at the firm’s choice.

That’s all there is to it.

Application can be made by email to probono@theformtool.com from your CEO or most senior management requesting a conversation. We’ll handle the rest.