Ultimate improvements in productivity require three ingredients: technology, people, processes. While any one of the three will significantly improve productivity, it’s grouping all three that will successfully rocket your firm into the future.

We provide the best technology in the world. All by itself, as a user of our software you can reasonably expect measurable improvements in quality and speed, coupled with noticeable reductions in stress.

Experts to Help

These are the best firms in the world to help accelerate your productivity by:

Creating one or a library of intelligent forms far faster than you can

Consulting on how best to structure your system for current needs and those of the future

Training your team members to take full advantage of the new power at their command

Each is independent. Each is a true expert.

Each has earned our unqualified recommendation.

The FormMakers  

The FormMakers, LLC

The team at The FormMakers, LLC have more than eight years’ experience working with TheFormTool software, everything from TheFormTool PRO to Aurora. In recent years they have been selected by management at TheFormTool, LLC to create all of the intelligent forms they use in its daily operations.

The FormMakers specializes in working with customers looking to start libraries of intelligent forms, to build them using forward-looking best practices to “get it right” from the start.

They work with customers to select the forms with the greatest potential return, selecting the low hanging fruit that will produce the fastest return for the dollars and time invested. They help estimate the potential upside of each form by considering its probable productivity: the time saved, value produced, compliance achieved, and improved customer experience delivered.

Their team prefers to work with three to five forms at a time in order to create a solid basis for suggesting a lexicon of standard terms for the firm, and they quote every job on a fixed fee basis only. They build forms that will suit the customer’s needs and capabilities.

They include appropriate text, video, or classroom instructions and explanations for both Users and future Authors so that the customer can maintain or modify its forms as it wishes. They do this on a fixed-fee basis so there are no surprises and their fees are always less than in-house development costs.


                 DocAssembly Guru

DocAssembly Guru specializes in expert independent Document Automation (or Form Authoring), Consulting, and Training using the products of TheFormTool. We take your existing documents and convert them into document assembly templates economically and on a timely basis. The biggest problem we have found with our customers is a lack of full understanding by the staff actually using the templates. Therefore, we give free training to you and/or your staff when we prepare templates for you. This way, you and your staff will feel more comfortable with the process and will thus increase your efficiency and profits.

Bill Cutchin, the owner of DocAssembly Guru, LLC, is a 2015 graduate of TheFormTool’s intense expert certification course, earning the title of Certified Creator of Intelligent Documents.

Bill has also written the User’s & Administrator’s Guide to TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá, and Doxserá DB, which is available on Amazon. This book explains in detail the best ways to use these programs, and is the basis for the training we give.

We also provide Consulting in the use of TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá, Doxserá DB, and Aurora WebData. This is intended to assist individuals who want to use the programs on their own, but need to have some guidance in the best methods of programming with them. We also assist customers in determining which program is most appropriate for them, properly setting up their programs, where to put their files and folders, and the best ways to use Microsoft Word.

Please see our website for more detailed information.



t: 850.980.4365



Do you want an organized library of your frequently used forms? Would you like to use the folio function of Doxserá to put clauses and modifications at your employees’ fingertips? Would you like to put automation to work to create customized documents to move your business forward, and reduce human errors and wasted data entry time?

I have been practicing law for twenty-years. I enjoy using my skills and experience to connect with my clients and creatively using legal tools to help them accomplish their goals. I hate wasting my time and the time of my staff doing repetitive and mindless tasks. Doxserá revolutionized my estate planning practice. Instead of spending valuable paralegal and lawyer time doing monotonous, error prone data entry, my office now uses Doxserá for the critically-important but frankly dull work of getting all the client details correctly and consistently entered on each and every document. Using automated forms I created allows me to focus on establishing meaningful connections with our clients, crafting the unique and interesting parts of each document so it meets my client’s individual needs, and staying on top of legal research. In short – I get to do the fun and meaningful stuff that got me into the lawyer business in the first place, and I am giving my clients greater value.

I love writing estate plans that help my clients and their families avoid future complications and problems. I became CCID certified so I could stream-line the data-entry part of my job and focus on my clients’ important concerns. I enjoyed the form creation process so much. It allowed me to use my problem-solving skills to make my work more valuable and efficient for my clients. I would be delighted to work with your business to allow Doxserá to free you to do the important and rewarding work you enjoy.

Jamie Roth is an attorney licensed in Colorado, a Certified Creator of Intelligent Documents, and a devoted user of Doxserá documents in her own practice.


t: 970-987-5216

Law Offices of Jamie Roth

Brilliant Docs logoBrilliant Docs

Brilliant Docs’ principal Stephen Crute has created intelligent forms for professionals and information workers around the world, saving them time, money, and errors. Stephen brings to the table an academic research background and over 25 years of business experience writing complex technical and financial documents. He is experienced with and well-equipped to accept highly complex or large projects and to provide a professional and cost-effective solution, generally on the basis of a quoted fixed-fee.

Stephen has previously spent 25 years in consultancy business and is aware of the need for smart documents which meet or exceed your client expectations. He believes that the power of intelligent documents lies not only in saving time and costs but also allowing specialists and experts to focus their efforts on adding value to reports and documents.

Stephen is a 2017 graduate of TheFormTool’s intense expert certification course, CCID. He serves customers from his offices in the U.K.


Skype: stephencrute6140

Get Smart Docs logoGet Smart Docs

Using TheFormTool’s software, Get Smart Docs converts and automates your existing documents or creates new smart automated documents. During the development phase they use granular controls to build and optimize intelligent document assembly systems for everyday users and functions. Employing both a robust framework and thoughtful workflow, GSD lays out a management system which fits perfectly with productivity software from TheFormTool.

Over past decades Erminio Van Malleghem, CCID, GSD’s Business Workflow and Document Automation Developer and resident Doxserá DB® expert, has built custom business databases for many user-levels and across a variety of industries. The projects can evolve into complex, rule driven databases to track, manage and operate every aspect of a business.

GSD’s team are experts on databases and secure connectivity, as stored database information is of no use without system-wide, real-time usefulness. Using Doxserá DB® GSD is able to blend the best technologies to provide cutting edge results. Your employees will get more done with every keystroke and help your organization to improve productivity, eliminate errors and reduce costs.

Erminio’s excitement and enthusiasm springs from the power and limitless solutions Doxserá DB® provides.

Erminio is a 2016 graduate of TheFormTool’s intense expert certification course, CCID. He serves customers around the world from GSD’s offices in Florida.


t: (407) 494-6016

Get Smart Docs