Doxserá® DB and DB User

Powerful document automation software to use data from SQL, ACCESS, Excel, Outlook and Aurora

Automatically create multiple intelligent documents
from multiple database sources for multiple audiences, simultaneously


  • Access, browse, filter, analyze, relate and use data from one or more Excel spreadsheets, SQL, ACCESS or Outlook databases
  • Mix and match data and sources
  • Create multiple documents for multiple audiences simultaneously
  • Empower documents to create themselves by conditioning their content based on the data
  • Look inside a database to window shop or analyze… easily and simply, without even opening the originating program

Break the SQL Data Dam

A SQL database is a wonderful resource for storing huge amounts of data, but its complexities often prevent as much data usage as there should be.

Now non-IT types can easily access data for themselves and browse, find, analyze, select, download and USE data without intermediaries. Imagine “what-if” searches on the spur of the moment or importing data directly into a form with perfect context and formatting.

Doxserá DB is a revolutionary new tool that puts power into the hands of the people who need it.


For SQL access, have your IT support create a DSN or connection string, then just insert the name or string in the “New Data Source” window for an instant real time connection in less than a minute. Learn more

Use Excel Data without Excel

Incorporating data stored in Excel into a form has been one of the most frustrating and error-prone activities.

Doxserá DB allows a form to intelligently and automatically incorporate data from Excel or use the data to decide on the content of the document without even opening Excel.


Looking Into Outlook for Data

For many users Outlook Contacts is their most valuable, least used database. Doxserá DB can change that.

With Doxserá DB it’s easy to produce completely personalized documents, whether for one or for thousands with just a click or two, choosing by name or any relationship.

Doxserá® DB includes all of the Doxserá® and TheFormTool PRO features and functions that have made them the first choice of so many forms crafters

  • Pronoun, Singular/Plural and Count Fields
  • Easily integrated and edited math functions
  • Date Offsets
  • Lists and Master Lists
  • Text insertions and deletions
  • Conditions and nested conditions using Boolean logic
  • and dozens more…

This video brings it all together in just over 8 minutes, providing a wonderful summary of the magic that Doxserá DB can provide.


Doxserá DB is just $279 per year per machine

Your firm can start using more of the data that you’ve managed to collect and not use over the years. Even if you never create a single document, using Doxserá DB to “window shop” through a database is both fun and rewarding. Includes complete Authoring features and functions. Now’s the time!

DB User is just $169 per year per machine

DB User provides all the power a user will want but without the Authoring tools. Users can Fill and run any of our forms, but aren’t able to create or modify them. This is a great alternative for firms with lots of productive team members but relatively few Authors, a common situation.