Doxserá® DB and DB User

Powerful document automation software to use data from SQL, ACCESS, Excel, Outlook and Aurora

Automatically create multiple intelligent documents
from multiple database sources for multiple audiences, simultaneously

  • Access, browse, filter, analyze, relate and use data from one or more Excel spreadsheets, SQL, ACCESS or Outlook databases
  • Mix and match data and sources
  • Create multiple documents for multiple audiences simultaneously
  • Empower documents to create themselves by conditioning their content based on the data
  • Look inside a database to window shop or analyze… easily and simply, without even opening the originating program

Break the SQL Data Dam

A SQL database is a wonderful resource for storing huge amounts of data, but its complexities often prevent as much data usage as there should be.

Now non-IT types can easily access data for themselves and browse, find, analyze, select, download and USE data without intermediaries. Imagine “what-if” searches on the spur of the moment or importing data directly into a form with perfect context and formatting.

Doxserá DB is a revolutionary new tool that puts power into the hands of the people who need it.

Use Excel Data without Excel

Incorporating data stored in Excel into a form has been one of the most frustrating and error-prone activities.

Looking Into Outlook for Data

For many users Outlook Contacts is their most valuable, least used database. Doxserá DB can change that.

Doxserá® DB includes all of the Doxserá® and TheFormTool PRO features and functions that have made them the first choice of so many forms crafters

  • Pronoun, Singular/Plural and Count Fields
  • Easily integrated and edited math functions
  • Date Offsets
  • Lists and Master Lists
  • Text insertions and deletions
  • Conditions and nested conditions using Boolean logic
  • and dozens more…

This video brings it all together in just over 8 minutes, providing a wonderful summary of the magic that Doxserá DB can provide.

Doxserá DB is just $279 per year per machine

Your firm can start using more of the data that you’ve managed to collect and not use over the years. Even if you never create a single document, using Doxserá DB to “window shop” through a database is both fun and rewarding. Includes complete Authoring features and functions. Now’s the time!

DB User is just $169 per year per machine

DB User provides all the power a user will want but without the Authoring tools. Users can Fill and run any of our forms, but aren’t able to create or modify them. This is a great alternative for firms with lots of productive team members but relatively few Authors, a common situation.