Business Law – Formation and Operations


Business Law – Formation and Operations is a complete suite of forty-six intelligent forms that are guaranteed to save you and your office hundreds of hours the first year and every year thereafter.

There is no learning curve. To use the forms right out of the package:

1. Open the form

2. Answer the questions using any one of our professional programs

3. Click Fill. You’re done.


You may use any of the forms as is, just as they arrive.

You may modify them to fit your jurisdiction and your practice preferences.

You may use them as training aids, as examples in “best practices” in the construction of intelligent forms. You can even cut out snippets to use in your other forms, saving creative time for truly being creative. This suite is not just for those with interests in elder law, but for anyone who’d like a library of expertly crafted intelligent forms to study and copy.

You may share them for use by anybody in your firm. They’re yours to own and keep.

This suite is composed of all this. See the individual forms just below.

Average Complexity


Business Law – Formation and Operations has been crafted by more than two dozen experienced subject area experts, peer reviewed, and is already in use by hundreds of attorneys. The suite is guaranteed to save you and your firm hundreds of hours every year.

We expect this suite to save the average lawyer practicing in the area $15,000 per year or more.



Whether you concentrate on business law or practice in the area infrequently, this library is eminently usable. Imagine no longer needing to find and verify more than 1500 variables! With this library, that task is fast and error-free.

If we were to custom-craft this library of intelligent forms, the only way our experts have previously produced forms for others, the cost would be over $17,000. This new and exciting distribution channel allows us to provide these forms to you for a much lower price, creating a terrific bargain.


Form Library

Business Law – Formation and Operations consists of these 46 documents:

TitlePagesWordsAutomated VariablesComplexity
Asset Purchase Agreement.dotx 6325,4182010.79
Call and Notice of Organizational Meeting of Directors.dotx1961010.42
Call and Notice of Organizational Meeting of Shareholders.dotx1811912.35
Call of Meeting of Board of Directors.dotx1651624.62
Call of Special Meeting of Shareholders.dotx11401712.14
Certificate of Inspectors of Election for Shareholders Meeting.dotx11022019.61
Corporate Bylaws.dotx158,21828.034
Director Resignation.dotx16169.84
Directors Action by Written Consent.dotx11081312.04
Directors Consent to Action in Lieu of Organizational Meeting.dotx167913.43
Directors Resolution Authorizing Annual Shareholders Meeting.dotx1333288.41
General Partnership Agreement.dotx4217,877730.41
General Proxy.dotx11661911.45
Incorporators Consent to Action in Lieu of Organizational Meeting.dotx163711.11
LLC Operating Agreement (Multiple Members).dotx4819,3862171.12
LLC Operating Agreement (Single Member).dotx 31,038323.08
LLC Preorganization Agreement.dotx3598233.83
LLP Agreement.dotx4317,11780.047
Merger Agreement and Plan.dotx361510817.56
Merger Resolutions.dotx2668436.44
Minutes of Directors Meeting.dotx23255817.85
Minutes of Organizational Meeting of Board of Directors.dotx31,021545.29
Minutes of Organizational Meeting of Shareholders.dotx2365318.49
Minutes of Shareholders Meeting.dotx27427810.51
Notice of Directors Meeting.dotx1672334.33
Notice of Meeting of Shareholders and Affidavit of Mailing.dotx23213611.21
Notice of Organizational Meeting of Incorporators.dotx1731115.07
Preincorporation Subscription Agreement.dotx 110476.73
Proxy (Limited Authority).dotx11832815.30
Proxy for Common Stock Shareholders.dotx12793111.11
Resolution Approving Contract with Interested Director.dotx1265186.79
Resolution Approving Contract.dotx110654.72
Resolution Declaring Dividend (Cash).dotx1 124 97.26
Resolution Declaring Dividend (Property).dotx 1 322 13 4.04
Resolution Declaring Dividend (Stock).dotx 1 304 7 2.30
Resolution Electing Officers and Establishing Salary.dotx 1 68 18 36.47
Revocation of Proxy.dotx 1 98 8 8.16
Shareholders Action by Written Consent.dotx 1 239 6 2.51
Shareholders Agreement.dotx 15 8,260 57 0.69
Shareholders Consent to Action in Lieu of Organizational Meeting.dotx 1 103 5 4.85
Shareholders Consent to S Election.dotx 1 86 39 45.35
Stock Purchase Agreement.dotx 63 30,301 234 1.15
Waiver of Notice of Meeting of Board of Directors.dotx 1 52 11 21.15
Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting of Board of Directors.dotx 1 104 6 5.77
Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting of Shareholders.dotx 1 100 10 10.00
Waiver of Notice.dotx 1 8910
Stock Purchase Agreement – Tips and Checklists     (instructions)

as well as a Master List of State names, formal names, and abbreviations; and two Wrappers.


Here’s a sample form, yours for free

Shareholders Agreement

licensed for use within your firm

in conjunction with a license for TheFormTool PRO or Doxserá®.

A lifetime license is just $465 for the firm




(Business Law libraries require TheFormTool PRO 3.2, Doxserá 3.2 , Doxserá DB 3.2 and Word for Windows 2007 or more recent)

*The Complexity Score is a measure of the density of the Fields, Lists, and Conditions built into an intelligent form. The greater the density when measured as a ratio of Variables per word count or Variables per page, the greater the complexity and the larger the benefit from the program in terms of ease of use, speed, and error prevention.

The forms in the suite are Templates created in Word for Windows and are fully compatible with TheFormTool PRO v3.2, Doxserá v3.2, Doxserá DB 3.2 and Word for Windows 2007 and newer.