TheFormTool Family of Products

We offer industry-leading document assembly and automation software for every organization from sole practitioners to multi-national corporations.

Whether you need the fastest, simplest, most affordable way to create a few error-free individual documents or millions of sophisticated documents using the world’s most advanced data collection, storage and decisioning tools, TheFormTool has a product that will do wonders for your documents, your processes and your bottom line.

All products in TheFormTool family share four defining characteristics
that set them apart from all other document automation software.

1. Ease of Use

Our learning curve is measured in minutes, not months. New users are typically productive from day one, with no special knowledge or consultants required. Compatibility with Microsoft Word™ means that our commands and protocols are familiar to every user.

2. Power

Powerful document assembly and automation capabilities formerly available only to professional wordsmiths. TheFormTool supports all network and remote configurations that Word for Windows supports.

3. Flexibility

Your documents, data, clients and vision are unique. TheFormTool gives you the flexibility to fully leverage your expertise and experience to create precisely the automated documents you need to grow your business. It really is that simple.

4. Affordabilty

With our full range of products, you pay only for the functionality you need. No need for dedicated IT support, installers, or consultants.


TheFormTool PRO

120 professional features and functions that will eliminate document errors and speed the creation of repetitive forms by more than 70%.



The power of TheFormTool PRO plus create multiple forms simultaneously and automatically access external text and graphics.


Doxserá DB

All the power of Doxserá plus the ability to access and use data stored in local, network, remote, or cloud instances of SQL, Access, Excel, or Outlook to incorporate in documents or to inform decisions.


Aurora webData

Remotely collect and securely store data from across the office, around town, or around the world from staff, customers, clients, vendors, anyone. Then use it instantly in new documents or for decision-making.