Doxserá DB® and DB User Updates and History

To determine if your copy of the Doxserá DB®  document management software is up to date, click on About in the Doxserá DB® menu, read your version number and compare it to the version number just below. If your version is not the most current, download the latest version below.

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Doxserá DB® and DB User Version History

Version 4.5.200805

Minor fixes: Corrected error message when adding a List in a Form without first creating a Series answer. Standardized user messages and intelligent forms licenses
h/t:: Eric Jacobs, Miami Beach, FL

Version 4.5.191207

Fixes: Forms did not always automatically Reset before re-Filling; TFT variables in footnotes in Passages didn’t process properly.
h/t: Gregory  C. Picken, North Palm Beach, FL; Anthony I. Danielson, Esq.,  Sacramento, CA 

Version 4.5.191121

Enhancements: Dramatically improved connection times using MSSQL, typically by a factor of 20, and added feature to ignore extraneous DB Views.

Fixes: Issue using sublists to access nested date from external sources or when used with Dropdown answers.

h/t: Phil Goldberg, Tampa, FL; Steven Crute, UK

Version 4.5.191008

Enhancements: Made additional speed improvements when filling (up to 80% faster); Improved use of cache to speed up Data Source screen; Added “Speedy Fill” button in the Options menu (same as clicking Shift+Fill); Added a “Form Sets” button in the Sources menu (same as clicking Start in new document)
Removed some metadata from all distribution files to be less susceptible to security blocks; Threshold set. for Fetching from large sets of Outlook contacts, accessed with Options -> Outlook; In Data Source screen, Refresh button is now enabled even when no Data Source is selected (to allow repair of corrupted Data Source)Fixes: Running Form Set with one of the forms open now gives message instead of error
Fixed error when Resetting DataTables

Version 4.4.190814

Enhancements: Increased Fill and Reset speeds by a range of 30% to 71% for small forms composed of scores or hundreds of variables and up to 500% for complex forms of thousands of Fields, Lists, and Conditions.

Version 4.3.190626

Enhancements: Increased Fill speed from MySQL databases by factor of 2.2 times, reducing Fill time by more than 60{%. Fill speeds from other external sources also improved. Improved Data Sources screen when working with multiple Sources. Updated User Guides.

Fixes issues with: Save/Load and Form Set screens; Fetch error when drawing from extremely large databases; Math error when computing using two variables from the same external table; inability to edit some complex Conditions; drawing Pronoun and Singular/Plural data from data sources; A/An Condition codes; ; Date Offsets; Intelligent Forms License Codes
h/t: h/t: Jamie Roth, Glenwood Springs, CO; Scott Pickup, Halifax, NS; Kim Blagdon, Halifax, NS; Barry Kauhl, Highland, IL.; Aaron Campbell, Akron, OH.

Version 4.2 (2019.03.27)

Fixes: Problems with pronoun Fields within a Sublist; reading large Excel cells with multi-word column headings; missing backslash in Path screen; displaying license agreement
h/t: Jeff Skoubye, Salt Lake City, UT; Scott Vanden Bos, Wilsonville, Oregon.

Version 4.1 (2019.03.15)

Enhancements: Removes constraints on the use of multi-term Excel column headings in conjunction with large numbers of characters in a cell to be accessed by a form.

Fix: Improves handling of pronouns in GRIDs used in nested lists.

h/t: Pat McGuin, Summit Lake, Washington; Jeff Skoubye, Salt Lake City; Wilsonville, Oregon.




Fixes issues: where message ‘Characters found after end of SQL statement’ could occur when retrieving more than 254 characters from an external data source.

h/t: Dr. Stephen Crute, Tashkent,  Uzbekistan




Enhancements: Allows the selection of the last item in a list.



Enhancements: Includes DB User within Doxserá DB, keyed by DB User License Code. DB User includes all the features and functions necessary to Fill DB or Aurora Forms.

Fixes issues: where some Conditions inside Lists based on checkbox answers were not working; Check Form was not removing some conditions based that include reference to answer that no longer exists; DB User License was returning incorrect code.

h/t: Mike Juliano, Mt. Laurel, NJ; Jerry McCullum, New Albany, Indiana




Fixes issues: where checkbox in Condition screen that sometimes appeared on top of Dropdown; error during Fill with Condition based on secondary column of Master List used as source of checkbox-type answer; error with boolean conditions based on secondary columns of master lists used as sources for checkbox answers.

h/t: Mike Juliano, Mt. Laurel, NJ 




Fixes issues: where filter did not work in sublist of master list items filtered to include only items where secondary column is empty; fields  defaulting to date format.

h/t: Evan Barash, Mt. Vernon, NY




Fixes minor issues.





Accelerator and Macro Features Added to most ribbon functions
Hotkey Features Added to most user windows
Compatibility maintained with TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá

Fixes issues where: Petrify and some other commands were giving an out of memory or out of stack space error; incorrect product mentions in various popup windows and menus; tab order was incorrect in some windows; Next Fields gave incorrect results when contained in a nested List layer; certain linked answers were not refreshing properly when items in the parent answer changed; filtered direct-from-data singular/plural field gave wrong result; the existence of a Pronoun column in a related table could cause duplicate items in a direct-from-data list; some folio answers in grids were not saved during Save/Load; error when direct-from-data field filter results in empty record set; adding a row to a Grid always added row at top of Grid; when editing a sublist with filter based on linked combobox-typed-here answer

h/t: Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK; Alex Bainov, Oak Bluff, Manitoba




Enhancement: Improves speed for external data sources, especially remote sources.

Fixes: Errors when working with complex remote SQL databases; problem where form will not remember changes when editing a condition; and, an issue when a List immediately precedes a table

h/t: John Bardoel, Melbourne, Victoria; Dr. Bert Boeddeker, Eching, Germany



Fixes: Fixes problems where secondary sort was not retained when editing a List; a Data Function was not filtering properly; issue to check hidden mode before allowing a Q’r to be saved; error when attempting to edit some Data Function codes; problem where some direct-from-data Fields that span chained relationships were giving incorrect results; problem where secondary fields in a direct-from-data list were sometimes offset by 1; issue with Data functions in lists; that could happen with first, next, last, previous, and numbered fields appear outside lists; where removing an answer from the questionnaire could remove an unrelated condition from the body of the form; where adding a sort order with a filter could include too many records.

h/t: Stephen Crute, Kyrgyz Republic; Scott Vanden Bos, Wilsonville, OR; Victoria Hartien, Halifax, NS



Fixes: Fixes error during Fill in forms where “OLE” bookmarks had been incorrectly applied; Form Set error on 64-bit computers when multiple grids are involved; problem where only the first two rows were populated with dropdown answers in the first column of a grid; inability to edit a compound condition based on a checkbox answer in a grid; rare instance where installation could fail; error that could occur when selecting a field in the Field screen; problem where linked fields in a list drawn directly from a data source did not fill properly if the same column was also referenced in a derived answer.



Enhancement: Eliminates the program’s dependence on Windows’ Clipboard to prevent infrequent recurring but random errors caused by the Clipboard’s inability to keep pace with the speed requirements of large, complex forms and new computers.

Fixes: Minor bugs

h/t: Michele Whitlock, Philadelphia, PA; Victoria Hartien and Dustin MacDonald, Halifax, NS, Canada; Braden Montierth, Ogden, UT; John Vinci, Hamilton, VA; Karley Clawson, Sacramento, CA

Version 4.0q


Fixes: Error during Fill for Condition that looks at Data Source column that exists in a table that’s related to a table that is used as the source for a fetch answer. Error during Check Form process for some forms that were linked to Data Sources.

h/t: Tom Gruich, Norton Shores, MI

Version 4.0p


Enhancement: Expands use of Derived Answers in MultiDoc mode.

Fix: Some Answers were improperly Hidden when using a Form Set that included Derived Answers when Show/Hide set to Hide.

h/t: Kent Hansen, Logan, UT; Karley Clawson, Sacramento, CA

Version 4.0o


Enhancement: Dramatically improves speed when using data sources with more than six relationships.

h/t: Emily Brockman, Pewaukee, WI

Version 4.0n


Fixes: Problem where the dropdown box to choose a secondary column from a Master List was sometimes not appearing in the Field screen and number comparisons were compromised. Field renaming process looping with some section configurations. Check Form now catches Conditions with missing EOC markers. Create Condition around text that includes a hidden index entry field. Clarified info screen for missing end-of-condition marker

h/t: Henrietta Visscher, London, Ontario; Terry Nix, Broken Bow, OK

Version 4.0m


Fixes: Problem where some number formats used lowercase “s” where it should be capitalized. In one default List format an apostrophe was added to a Sublist of two items.

h/t: Peter Weise, Springfield, IL

Version 4.0l


Fixes: Problem creating Smart Answer and Sublist when using Data Source as source for Checkboxes answer and filtering the Sublist with a secondary column in the Data Source.

h/t: Noel French, Detroit, MI

Version 4.0k


Fixes: A direct-from-data-source Field within a List was failing when it used a secondary column of the List in which it appeared as part of its selection criteria.

Version 4.0j


Fixes: Condition screen not showing proper choices for a checkboxes answer that uses a Data Source. Math Answer in a GRID Derived Answer used in a List was characterized as Text.

h/t: William Lee, Austin, TX; John Browning Kirk, Thornton, CO

Version 4.0i


Fixes: Potential for Fetchers in List to not pull Passages correctly in response for Folio Answers in GRID.

h/t: Heather Allman, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Version 4.0h


FixesWhen saved answers were loaded into a Grid that didn’t have enough rows to accommodate them and the first column of the Grid was a fetch-type answer, the loaded information was corrupted.

h/t: Charles Fulghum, Pascagoula, MS; Henrietta Visscher, London, Ontario, Canada

Version 4.0g


FixesIssue with Derived Answers in GRIDs not Refreshing properly

h/t: Chris Chen, San Francisco, CA

Version 4.0f


EnhancementsAdded functionality to Check Form tool.

FixesSaving/Loading Fetch-type answers in the first column of a GRID. Running Form Sets with a specific arrangement of linked and GRID answers.

Version 4.0e


Fixes: Bugs when Derived Series Answers filtered other series answers that used dropdowns or yes/no answers; “allow duplicates” choice for Derived Series Answers; that prevented some Fetchers from working properly.

h/t: Paul Keller, San Antonio, TX

Version 4.0d


FixesEditing some Data Table codes, Data Functions for SQL databases, issues with some Fetchers, scrambled Headings in Lists formatted as tables.Chained relationships in data source. Editing the {if: code in a List

h/t: Noel French, Detroit, MI; Victoria Hartlen, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA; John Warner, Union City, TN

Version 4.0c


Fixes:  Issue with Fetch and Fetcher retrieving Passages; issue with Fetch retrieving data from worksheets with empty cells; issue with yes/no answers; issue with nested answers; some Data Functions with SQL

h/t: Kris Conrad, Seattle, WA; Maribeth Anderson, Spokane, WA; Victoria Hartlen, Halifax, NS, Canada; Bill Cutchin, Tallahassee, Fl

Version 4.0


Enhancements: New Data Tables feature allows fast inclusion in a form of large amounts of external data where decisioning is not required; Five new Data Functions for quick analysis of external data without uploading; Selection of Folios and Passages can now be driven by external source data; List formats now default to Oxford comma presentation; Saving to PDF allows size option; The Check Forms tool flags Track Changes.


Fixes:  Outlook and Data Source answers work in the first column of GRIDs, Outlook gender fields populate correctly, Conditions in Lists based on Outlook work correctly, correction for the Microsoft “paste” bug,

h/t: John Bardoel, Melbourne; Tom Gruich, Norton Shores, Michigan;  Cory Furman, Regina, Saskatchewan; Jamie Roth, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Version 3.1


EnhancementsAdded ability to choose secondary columns in Master List when creating criteria for Conditions and Sublists. Added pronoun fields for linked dropdown answers that use another answer as source. Added Wrappers in form Sets. Ignore empty rows in consolidated Questionnaires in form Sets. When creating a sublist direct from data source, allows a field in the data source to be compared to another field in the data source. Accomplish date comparisons when Excel data sources use date formatting vs. text formatting

Fixes:  Problem with copy/pasting in tables. Smart Answer screen was sometimes creating duplicate dropdowns/checkboxes in Grids. In file naming screen, will now not add space between elements when “text” element is used. Fixes error when fetching answer for dropdown answer that uses Folio Names as source. Ignore Locations that have empty paths. Fields in Layer0 that looked for items in sublist were finding items in unfiltered list instead.

Version 3.0b


 Fixes: Issues with licenses and expiration dates.

Version 3.0a


Introduces: Improves appearance and sortability of document titles when Petrifying by removing mandatory spaces between clauses.

Fixes: Errors with Multidoc answer using data source; Fields and Lists errors in chained relationships

h/t: Emily Brockman, Pewaukee, WI; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS

Version 3.0


Introduces: Connectivity with local and remote, shared and unshared Outlook contact files. Adds ability to command documents in Sets to directly create PDFs.
h/t: Dustin MacDonald, Halifax, NS; h/t: Emily Brockman, Pewaukee, WI

Version 2.0h


Fixes: An error that allowed Passages to be inadvertently duplicated within a document.
An error that allowed Derived Answers in a Grid to appear empty.
h/t: John Vinci, Herndon, VA; Stephen Crute, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS

Version 2.0g


Fixes: An error that could occur when Relationships in a Data Source are chained.

h/t: Bruce Cheatham, Dallas, TX

Version 2.0f


Fixes: An error that could occur when a Form Set was Filled when one of the forms contained a Field that used a numeric format that included a decimal point.

Version 2.0e


Fixes: Dropdown in first column of Grid was not allowing “answers typed here” source. Some complex Conditions were not working properly.

Version 2.0c


 Introduces: Better handling of Path errors

Version 2.0b


Introduces: Wrapper capability with Multidoc

Fixes: Minor bugs

Version 2.0a


Fixes: Folio-sourced answers that occurred in a Grid were not appearing as choices in the in Fetcher screen

h/t: Heather Allman, Maryland Heights, MO

Version 2.0


Introduces: direct access to data from SQL (using DSN or a string connection) and ACCESS databases including the ability to establish relationships between data.

h/t:  Bruce Cheatham, Dallas, TX; John Vinci, Herndon, VA; Erminio Van Malleghem, Orange City, FL ;Dr. Stephen Crute; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Version 1.0a


Fixes: Corrects error when processing nested lists and and an incorrect pronoun field result when first column of grid is dropdown that uses a series-pronoun answer as its source.

h/t:  Bruce Cheatham, Dallas, TX; John Vinci, Herndon, VA; 

Version 1.0


Introduces direct access to data from Excel spreadsheets and the ability to establish relationships between data from separate Sheets in the same Workbook.
h/t:  Steven E. Kleiner, Wilmington, DE; Erminio Van Malleghem, Orange City, FL ; Victoria Hartien, Halifax, NS; Jake Brown-Steiner, Rochester, NY;  Yu Kim-Reynolds, Wadsworth, OH;  Devon Slovensky, Roanoke, VT;   Paul Saunders, Halifax, NS