Paths to a Quick Solution

Over the last decade we’ve made more than 100 updates to our programs based on suggestions from users in more than 80 countries. In addition to more than 100 added features, last year users reported less than one bug per 2,000,000 documents created, a ratio we expect to at least double this year. Our Diagnose and Fix process below is designed to get a customer facing a problem up and running as quickly as possible. It offers three different approaches designed for differing customer needs. The approaches are based on more than 15,000 service calls over the years and are intended to solve a problem in 15 minutes or less. Each approach is designed for non-geeks, so have no fear.

The User Guide

The User Guides that are packaged with each software download are the ultimate how to manuals, designed to explain each and every step necessary to operate the more than 120 features included in our programs. They also include step-by-step Lessons with instructions and graphics. The download or online  (the non-paper) versions are keyword searchable using your computer’s FIND command. Current versions of the Manuals (there are typically 4 – 5 for each program and range from one page to hundreds) are available by downloading the program or from the Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base. contains more than 600 subject-specific articles and videos that cover every aspect of our software. It is organized into three different formal teaching courses, hundred’s of ad hoc examples, and scores of what to do when things don’t work. It’s been used more than a million times and is easily one of the resources most appreciated by our customers, both new and expert.

Diagnose and Fix

Here’s the graphic approach to a diagnosis. Just click on the green box that comes closest to describing your situation.

Or, scroll down the page just a bit further for a textual approach.

Before going further, though, review Quick Tidbits at the bottom of this page

Guided Self Help

Following this self help process clears significantly more than 90% of all user-reported issues. Just take your time, don’t rush and follow the suggestions carefully. If you spend more than 15 minutes on this and are still stuck, ask for help from either the Free Service Desk or the Custom Call programs using the buttons to the right.

Service Desk

Both the Free Service Desk and a Custom Call will solve your issue. They’ll both take about the same amount of time and receive the same level of attention from our Techies. The difference is the free approach will ask that you generate the information we need to diagnose the problem; in the paid version, we’ll do that. Either way, we’re delighted to help. Your choice.

Quick Tidbits


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