Details for a Diagnosis and Fix

To qualify for our free service we’ll expect that you have been through the appropriate section of the Diagnostic page and that you will include all the information you gathered in the description detail, below.

This is critical information so that we can determine the cause of your issue. Sharing it will save time by avoiding lengthy back-and-forth questions and answers.

If you prefer to have us do that work, please use the paid Custom Call service and we’ll take care of all the work.

      Answers to these 14 questions will allow us to quickly diagnose and fix your issue.

      We'll typically respond within two hours.

    • Your contact information

    • What is your account number in our online store?

    • The Environment

    • Which of our programs are you using?

      What version of that program?
      (Available in "About" on the menu bar.)

    • Which Word for Windows program are you using?
      (In Word, click on File>Account and you'll see it in upper right column)

    • Are you using a virtual server such as Dropbox?

    • Is this a new installation or an update, or have things been pretty stable for awhile?


    • Does the issue affect more than one form?

    • Did you use the Check Form button on either the troubled Form or Set?


    • Does the issue affect more than one computer?

    • The Issue

      Please describe the issue with as much detail as you can manage.

      The more detail you provide, especially including complete information from the Diagnostic Portal process, the faster we can diagnose and fix the issue.

    • If you haven't done so already, please describe what is happening just before the problem shows itself.