All Forms Have the Same Issue

“Same Issues” comes in three varieties.

The first is where the software’s program tab isn’t visible in Word’s menu bar. For that, we’ll send you over to the appropriate section on the Early Stages page for suggestions on how to fix the problem.

The second is where a specific feature or function is not working in any of your forms. This is exceedingly rare, but can happen when a form has been duplicated and used, thereby propagated an issue. We’ll treat this as a problem Feature; diagnose and correct it in one Form, then repeat the fix as necessary.

The program once worked but suddenly none of the program’s major commands work on any  form.

Step by Step Diagnostics

Finally, a problem when the Questionnaire, Save/Load, and Fill commands don’t work is likely to be a Path issue. If it’s a new issue, what has changed with your computer (Word or the Operating System)?


Test Number One – Path Issues

  1. Open a blank Word document
  2. Click on Questionnaire > Create
    1. If you get a popup to check License Code
      1. Check it at Options>License Code.
      2. Note the result.
  3. If you get a “Run-Time error” (which tells us nothing)
    1. Click on Options>Path
    2. Use control-C to copy the Path
    3. Paste the Path somewhere to retain it for future use
    4. Paste it into the Windows Explorer’s address window.
      1. If TheFormTool folder is there, open it
        1. If it contains a file named theformtool.ini, open it
        2. Take a screen shot of the contents
      2. If TheFormTool folder is not there


  1. Do a search for a folder named TheFormTool
  2. If you find it, reconcile the Path with the real location either by changing the Path or moving the file.

Special Cases

Virtual Servers

The majority of issues we see where nothing is working are caused by user or environmental issues involving virtual servers like Dropbox, Box, or Azure. Their own default paths can cause surprise connectivity issues.

Dealing with them is not particularly difficult, but they do need special handling. The Knowledge Base has a good article on managing them at Using Dropbox, Box or OneDrive as a virtual network.

We are particularly unimpressed with Box and cannot recommend it.

Program Code Appears in the Form

When your form suddenly becomes a real mess,

Example of Gibberish

The keystroke combination ALT+F9 will toggle it back to normal.