When you want custom support,
Custom Call is the answer.


For four answers and the $200 fee we’ll do it all, including the expensive part, collecting the data necessary to solve your issue.

It’s that simple.


Like our free service, the results are guaranteed.

Custom Call is not intended to appeal to a large group, but we want to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants whenever possible.


1. Which of our software and what version are you using?

2. What version of Word is involved?

3. Is this a new installation?

4. What’s the issue?


We’ll invoice you as soon as we receive your request, and arrange a Custom Call appointment as quickly as possible after payment.We'll do it all!

Our approach will vary with the issue, but just like our free service, Custom Call results are guaranteed. 

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(Be sure to answer the four questions
and we’ll invoice the $200 prior to scheduling the appointment)