Revolutionary new tool to collect and store your data

Aurora webData™ enables you to collect precisely the data you need from remote or on-site clients, customers, vendors and employees – in real time and at almost no cost. Aurora safely stores that highly valuable proprietary data for your immediate and future use.

From before the day we first introduced TheFormTool four years ago, we had our eye on a grand goal, to develop an easy to use, powerful, flexible, and cost-effective “black box” that could take information online from anywhere, apply whatever rules of action were prescribed by our customer/subscriber, and create whatever outcome (action) or output (document) is desired. Almost 100 updates, upgrades, and new product introductions later, that goal is in sight.

Aurora webData™ is a web-enabled, cloud-based system to collect—from remote or on-site customers, clients, vendors or employees—data for use by our most sophisticated decisioning program. Aurora will use the data then or later to make decisions or automatically create documents according to your wishes.

The audiences you choose answers your questions on customized white label pages created just for you. Their answers are stored as data in a secure database built just for you and accessible only to you. All their data is encrypted, front to back and while at rest.

Data collection, which has been until now the most difficult, time consuming and expensive task in document automation and decision making, is now impossibly inexpensive and amazingly easy, whether for a one-person shop or a Fortune 100 international corporation.