Nearly effortless access to a wide range of data sources

Aurora harnesses the full power of TheFormTool’s decisioning engine to simply, simultaneously and seamlessly access a wide array of data sources, including your newly captured proprietary data, as well as data from SQL, Access, Excel and Outlook, for use in your intelligent documents or for making intelligent decisions.

Whether your data is stored locally, on a network server, across the country or across the world, as long as you have access Aurora can automatically or manually locate, select, and use the data to inform and make decisions or to create documents.

Aurora uses an approach to artificial intelligence in order to precisely mimic the choices you or your firm’s other experts would make if you were to pay the matter 100% of your attention every time. Aurora will reach out to the data you believe essential, consider it in precise proportion and with proper perspective, then apply your experience and judgement to create in seconds the perfect document or decision for the circumstances. Proofing and editing the variables is easy and fast. Changes are simple at any point in the process.

Aurora’s biggest advantage—even before power, flexibility, speed and cost—is its ease of use.