Welcome to Aurora Sunrise

Aurora Sunrise enables you to collect precisely the data you need, whether remotely or on-site, from across the lobby or across the world. Data can be entered by clients, customers, vendors and employees in real time and at almost no cost. Aurora safely stores your highly valuable proprietary data for immediate and future use.

With Aurora Sunrise, the audiences you choose answer your questions on customized white label pages created just for you. Their answers are stored in a secure database built just for you and accessible only to you. All the data is encrypted, front to back.

Data collection, which has until now been the most difficult, time consuming and expensive element in document assembly and decision making, is now almost unbelievably inexpensive and amazingly easy to use, whether for a one-person shop or a Fortune 100 corporation.

A single Aurora Sunrise subscription includes up to 3,000 downloads—uses of data—per year as well as storage for up to 9,000 files—responses—in our secure AWS Virtual Private Servers. You and your authorized colleagues can securely access your data at any time with Aurora webData™, Doxserá DB®, DB User, or with the SQL tool of your choice.

After all, it is your data. Use it. Enjoy it.

All this for just $795 per year. 

1. Ask questions   2. Get answers   3. Use the data


With Aurora Sunrise you can easily collect data
from anyone,
for any purpose

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From a Distinguished Family

Five years in the making, Aurora Sunrise is the entry-level member of our Aurora webData family of software and systems that adds remote data collection to our pace-setting document assembly and digital decisioning software.

Aurora Sunrise is our entry-level, white label product. Its siblings Aurora Midday and Aurora Allday include private labeling, interactive webQs, and personalized geo-location storage choices. Aurora Allday can be customized to store data in a customer’s own database.

Aurora webData™ is a revolutionary and complete solution—software, system, security—in a package that requires no special resources, no IT department or additional hardware, no consultants or installers. Your firm, whether tiny or Fortune 100, can cost-effectively expand your reach for secure data acquisition, storage, and use across the internet or on your intranet in less than an hour.

It’s a new day!

With Aurora Sunrise you can
collect data in your office… or around your world

Client intakes and interviews
Elder law and trust interviews
Customer interviews
Insurance applications & binders
Requests for proposals
Bills of material or lading
HR intakes and evaluations
Employee reviews
Site surveys
Risk analyses
Intelligent forms of all kinds

And thousands more of your best ideas

Four easy steps to success:

1.  Click the Aurora menu button to create the webQuestionnaire

2.  Click to name and post it

3.  Click to invite clients, customers, team members, vendors, or the public to answer it

4.  Click to access your data with Aurora, Doxserá DB®, DB User, or your favorite SQL access tool.

Collecting Your Data

Traditional Questionnaire


Aurora’s webQ

A client answers questions from a remote location

Using any computer, any browser

Posting a WebQ and creating a secure database is a simple matter of naming and describing the WebQ. It’s a one-page posting process that takes about a minute. In the next few months, Aurora webData™ 2.0 will automate even that step.

Your Customer Account Admin authorizes those who will have access to the data. We call them “Patrons.” You’ll call them brilliant.

Then or later, the Admin can initiate automated emails or manually provide links to single or multiple Data Providers—your clients, customers, employees, contractors, vendors—inviting them to answer the questions and securely submit the answers using their browsers and internet or intranet connections. The data is stored and available for current or later use.

Storing Your Data

Your data is yours and with Aurora webData™ it is accessible however, whenever, to whomever you wish it to be.

It is securely stored on a SQL database in an environment hosted by Amazon Web Services at AWS’s US East 1 Region (Virginia) location.

Non-US Aurora Sunrise customers may request storage on the site suited to their logistic, political, or security needs.

In addition, formal geo-selection is optionally available to Aurora Midday and Allday customers.

Using Your Data

As part of your Aurora Sunrise subscription with TheFormTool, you may access your data using Aurora Sunrise to fill intelligent forms, analyze data, or inform decisions. You may also separately subscribe to and use Doxserá DB® or DB User to access and use the data. While only Aurora can create webQs and access Aurora’s admin features, DB owners and users can utilize all of their features and functions with the data stored in Aurora or elsewhere.

Finally, your data is also accessible through any SQL-access program that can securely access MySQL and navigate the login process.

Here, a lawyer accesses data submitted earlier by a client in a divorce proceeding

Yes, it really is that easy!

Securing Your Data

is foremost in every decision we make

Security in IT boils down to 3 tenets: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. This refers to the privacy, fidelity, and accessibility of an application and the data within.

The firms who partner with us are the best in the business for security considerations:

Amazon Web Services for infrastructure, including CloudWatch and CloudTrail

Rackspace for site management best practices, using Compass for scans of 400 health and threat indicators,

Cloudflare and Sucuri for DDos, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, geo- and IP-blocking, SSL and PCI-compliant firewall, malware, hack and brute-force protection,

and Digicert for SSL.

Storage volumes and databases are locally encrypted. In and out communications are encrypted. None of Aurora webData’s™ servers are publicly accessible and we use a “least permissions” philosophy with MFA and explicit credentials coupled with a VPN or Rackspace’s bastion service for temporary access.

Data is backed up daily.

Available Now

Aurora Sunrise is available now.

Aurora Sunrise is an Authoring and Admin License that includes all the features and functions of all of our other software, plus the ability to create webQs and secure databases on the Aurora webData™ platform. It is valid for one machine or one user for one year.

While Data Providers can use any machine and any browser to answer questions, customers who use our software to access, use, or download data will need a modern version of Word for Windows, 2013 or more recent. That’s it, the only technical specification.

Many Customers will choose to purchase a single Aurora License and add several copies of Doxserá DB or DB User for team members who do not need the Aurora Admin or webQ creation tools.



Deliveries of the Aurora program can be had in just one minute from our online store. Creation of the account’s database and installation of the secure communication tools takes a one-hour appointment at your convenience. 


Aurora Sunrise subscriptions are $795 per year and include one Admin License, storage for up to 9,000 files, and 3,000 downloads—uses of data—per year from our secure AWS Virtual Private Servers. You can access your data at any time with Aurora, Doxserá DB®, DB User®, or with the SQL tool of your choice.



All the features and functions shared with Doxserá DB®, DB User, Doxserá®, and TheFormTool PRO are fully operational.



All of the features and functions that Aurora inherits from its siblings work exactly the same. No recurrent training is needed, especially for previous owners of Doxserá DB who already have experience accessing information from remote databases. We’ve made every effort to see that Aurora’s new tools are just as easy to use and you’ll find the manuals, guides, and videos most helpful.


Here is a full-blown 35-minute demonstration of Aurora

The next step is up to you

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