Dramatic savings in time, cost and errors

Aurora offers you a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat. By minimizing the effort involved in data collection and entry, Aurora can have a significant – and ongoing – impact on your productivity, your agility and your profitability.

Aurora’s older siblings—TheFormTool PRO, Doxserá and Doxserá DB—have already reduced the costs of producing repetitive documents by more than 70% while eliminating errors. Now Aurora reduces the remaining significant cost, gathering and organizing the data to be used, to nearly zero

TheFormTool’s current customers experience an average cost advantage of more than 70% in the creation of repetitive documents, an activity that accounts for more than 25% of labor costs and 12% of total costs in the average office of information workers. Aurora’s ability to minimize costs from beginning to end can create all-in savings equal to 12% of total costs. When data capture becomes nearly “free”, the efficiency, ability and incentives to scale become revolutionary.

An attorney filing complex annual reports for business clients can use Aurora to allow clients to  remotely modify and verify the required information. Once input, with a single click Aurora can access the data and automatically and intelligently assemble the required forms.

An insurance company can allow a current or prospective commercial client or a broker to remotely input information required for approval, risk evaluation, pricing, and policy construction. With a single click, the approving manager can create a customized binder, policy and invoice.

A developer of digital data centers can accept client needs data and materials cost information from vendors, and match that information with internal labor costs and productivity standards to instantly produce SOWs, materials lists, performance orders, schedules, and a contract.

Aurora’s potential applications are almost unlimited, driven by businesses’ ever-increasing needs for efficiency balanced by equal priorities for error-free final results, circumstances that our customers experience as a matter of course. To a significant degree, Aurora’s features leverage each other: For instance proofing for errors in a professional environment is hugely expensive as a proportion of total preparation costs. With Aurora’s efficient data entry, proofing can be speeded by 90% or more, with higher quality.