Accessing our highly rated and FREE Service Desk

We’re delighted to provide free technical support to all users of our software, even those using the free version. Once we accept an issue at the Service Desk our service and technical Team Members will do whatever it takes to restore full operations as quickly as possible.Service Tools

Gathering all the information necessary to diagnose an issue is by far the most expensive step in the servicing process.

In order for us to continue to offer full and free access to our Service Desk, we depend on our customers to provide the basic information, clearly, concisely, and in the form we need. This approach has proven to be the most efficient path to a rapid solution, saving you time and money.


With scores of versions of our software in use around the world at any one time working with numerous versions of Word for Windows, answers to the following questions are essential to gain access to the free Service Desk. 


A ticket cannot be opened until we have answers to these questions.


1.    The basics:

Which of our programs are you using and what version of which of our programs, and which edition of Word for Windows? Be certain that you’re using the current version by comparing your version (Menu Bar>About) with the current version. With more than 50 versions of our software in use at any point in time, if the Service Center is to become involved it’s important that we’re all on the same page!

Did you use the Check Form button on either the form or the Set? If so, what did it say or do?

Does the issue affect more than one form?

Is this a new installation or an update, or have things been pretty stable for awhile?

Do you know if the issue affects more than one computer?

Has anything unusual happened to your computer since you last successfully used our program?

Are you using a virtual server?


2.    Reduce the issue to its simplest possible level and replicate it completely from scratch on an entirely separate new form, creating an entirely new example not a copy of your troublesome form, leaving aside all non-related functions. Does it behave differently? If you request a free service ticket, we will want a copy of this new test form to accompany your report. Please do not submit entire forms for us to evaluate or diagnose specific issues, that will delay your service.


3.    Describe the issue in real detail. (It’s impossible for us to diagnose an issue if our only information is “It doesn’t work.” Sorry, but to help we need real detail, lots of it.) 

What is happening just before the problem? 

What command or event do you think triggers the issue? 

Does it occur with more than one command, for instance if it happens with “Fill” does it also happen with “Save/Load”?

How does it show itself?  

Is there an error message or some other failure?


4.    What steps have you taken already? Most importantly, have you done a keyword or subject area search in our online Service Center at Using a subject area term, such as “Install,” “List,” “Condition,” or “Set” will often find a helpful article or two.


5.    If you still need for us to create a free ticket for you at our Service Desk at [email protected], be certain to include answers to these questions and all the information you’ve gleaned from stepping through the solution protocols on the Diagnostic page, especially 5a, as well as #2, from above. Either the answer to your issue or clues to the answer will be in the information you’ve generated. We’ll need it and we can’t start to help you until we have it.


If you think it is important to include an example, please make certain that the example is not an entire form but only the completely new test sample you created in item 2. With good data we can most often get you up and running in minutes, but without it our guess is not much better than yours.


If you prefer to not participate by gathering and providing all the information that we need to start your free service, our fee-based Custom Call service will be your preferred alternative, available only upon specific written request. We’ll be pleased to arrange it for you. Just like our free service, the results are guaranteed.