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Word Warrior™ 101: Everything You Need to Know About…
Organizing Documents, Templates, Files, Folders & Shortcuts

If you’ve struggled to master the intricacies of Microsoft WORD’s Save/Save As commands, you’ll appreciate this first in our Word Warrior™ series of productivity guides for busy professionals.

This great little booklet, written by word processing guru Scott Campbell, explains in just 5 pages what we all need to know to make working with MS Word more efficient.

Word Warrior™ 102: Eleven Intrusive Microsoft Word Features, and How You Can Avoid Them

Microsoft Word users frequently complain that it’s too smart for its (or their) own good.  Pop-ups and unwanted suggestions get in the way, and the day is filled with unexpected and unpredictable text and formatting changes.  The good news is that most of Word’s “helpful” suggestions, corrections and adjustments can be turned off if you wish.

In just five pages, you can learn how to manage these Word features: AutoCorrect, AutoFormatting, Copying & Pasting, Clipboard Task Pane, Mini Toolbar, Overtype, Paste Options, Ribbon, Spelling & Grammar, Styles, and Visuals (Pop-ups).

Improving Word & Reducing Errors; No More Cut & Paste

Would you believe that 25{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} of repetitive documents or more contain errors that could affect the outcome? That courts are beginning to decide that the risks and costs of errors should be borne by those who prepare them?

In just seven pages, learn from an expert how to organize forms, set default names for easier identification, easily copy styles between documents, and how to use Word’s shortcuts to minimize the drudgery and errors that shadow the preparation of repetitive document.

Our first Word Warrior™ Video!

Word Warrior™ 103: Intelligent Documents for Word Warriors, The Video

For real or aspiring Word Warriors™, this video shares six great (and free!) ways to rationalize and professionalize document creation in Microsoft Word®. It includes step-by-step illustrations of how to reduce stress, reduce errors and improve service while saving time. The presentation of tools you can use within Word™ is followed by six features in TheFormTool that you can easily master to dramatically improve your workflow. This is destined to be our most popular video ever!


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