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With mountains of repetitive reports, valuations and correspondence required on a regular basis, accountants can benefit hugely from the features of TheFormTool PRO and Doxsera. Our software keeps documentation accurate while dramatically increasing speed of assembly. Containing even complex calculations within the document greatly reduces errors and strain. Choose from the selections below to take a look at posts, reviews and more.

Useful Articles

Cover of the handout "A Billion Here"

A Billion Here…

This paper describes using technology to reduce errors to near-zero, to eliminate the need for manual “proofing,” where the most expensive labor in the firm wastes bodacious amounts of time on “Easter egg” hunts through documents trying to find the individual variables that might be incorrect. A theory: the more intelligent the proofer, the worse the job.


Automation in Accounting

Using Document Automation in the Accounting Industry

If you work in the accounting field, you know the vast amount of repetitive paperwork required. A significant amount of accounting paperwork is repetitive, where the text stays the same but the details change. Find out how to save significant time and human resources by investing in document assembly software.


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