TheFormTool PRO Fact Sheet

Document assembly for the rest of us

TheFormTool is the most user-friendly and powerful document assembly software in the world. It automates MS Word documents to create intelligent documents for repetitive use. With TheFormTool PRO, professionals and their staffs can assemble beautiful, accurate and completely personalized documents up to 90{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} faster than before, while avoiding the wasted costs of data re-entry and editing or error-prone and risky “cut and paste” document creation. The results are significant: a 10X increase in throughput speed and a reduction in document errors to near-zero, both built on a learning curve measured in minutes, not months.™ TheFormTool PRO allows the author of a document to infuse it with expert intelligence and to control its decisions and computations; subsequent users benefit from dramatically improved speed and accuracy. The resulting data is embedded in the document; no external files, programs, widgets or tools are necessary for creation or use of the finished document.

Uses for TheFormTool

Appraisals, allocations, assessments, asset purchase agreements, audit reports, bankruptcy filings, bids, client intakes, contracts, complaints, compliance certificates, divorce settlements, evaluations, fee agreements, interrogatories, interview summaries, leases, mortgages, patient intake, history & evaluation, pleadings, reports of all kinds, statements of work, and hundreds of other repetitive documents…

System Requirements, Installation & Setup

TheFormTool supports WORD 2007™ and all later versions of Word on a Windows operating system. No special knowledge or consultants are required.

TheFormTool family of software is distributed  in the U. S. and internationally by TheFormTool, LLC, 612 Woodland Square Loop, Suite 300, Lacey, WA  98503  866.311.6000

Fact Sheet