Offers selection of 18 intelligent forms to 83,000 Florida lawyers for free

SEATTLE and MIAMI— April 1, 2015 — To celebrate its selection as a member benefit for its 83,000 members by The Florida Bar, TheFormTool, LLC is today offering each member of the group 18 selected forms. The forms, based on documents published by The Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Institute in its Administrative Forms Handbook, have been modified using TheFormTool PRO to be both intelligent and automatic.

Given that document creation is their most costly single activity, lawyers are demanding — and their clients are expecting them to use — state of the art technology to help improve service, eliminate errors, and reduce costs. Lawyers facing increasing pressure from clients and new legal services providers will benefit from this unprecedented offer by TheFormTool, LLC, which the company intends to replicate in other states where it has relationships with bar and other professional associations.

The company’s customers report that TheFormTool PRO, which works within Word for Windows®, reduces errors, improves quality, speeds delivery of repetitive documents, and is easy to master.

According to TheFormTool’s Bob Christensen, “TheFormTool PRO is the easiest to use and most powerful productivity tool in the world for dramatically improving information delivery, such as legal documents, from professionals to their clients or customers. We’re delighted to back our commitment to the legal profession in a way anyone can understand, with an offer to every lawyer in Florida of $800 worth of intelligent forms they can use within seconds of downloading, without lengthy training, professional installation, or expensive consultants. The forms are theirs to keep.

“Our customers in 40 countries describe our software with the comment, ‘This changes everything.’”