Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA – August 21, 2013 – TheFormTool, LLC introduced the fourth major upgrade of its leading software to 3,000 attendees from around the world at the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) annual conference in Las Vegas. TheFormTool PRO v2.6 adds a new dimension to the creation of intelligent documents by allowing for the first time a document’s author to share the Question & Answer Table, TheFormTool’s interview metaphor, with others. After the customer, client, vendor, colleague or correspondent returns the answers, the document can be completed without errors in seconds no matter how complex.

TheFormTool remains the easiest to use and most powerful document assembly and forms automation software in the world. WIth TheFormTool PRO v2.6, any user anywhere in the world can stretch to gather information from anyone else and use that information to fuel a document’s “thinking.” Version 2.6 extends the reach of its users dramatically, leveraging their time, leapfrogging geography, speeding service and reducing costs.

“Our beta test group and other early users tell us TheFormTool PRO v2.6 will change the way they do business; that they’ll use this new capability in ways that can’t be imagined today,” comments Bob Christensen, CEO of TheFormTool, LLC. “WIth existing versions of TheFormTool, more than 5,000 firms in 30 countries are creating intelligent documents and instilling in them all of the decisioning capability they’d like, unburdening their authors, leveraging their expertise, and reducing errors. This new release brings the promise of a fully independent intelligent document one step nearer.”

Easy to use, TheFormTool is feature-rich. TheFormTool automatically manages nouns/pronouns, singular/plural, subject/verb agreements and capitalization. Dozens of number, date and table functions are supported. TheFormTool can compute future and past dates. It manages even complex math problems with aplomb. Simple or complex conditions can automatically select words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs depending on users’ responses. Documents, templates and data can be shared among users across networks.

TheFormTool is perfect for use in appraisals, assessments, audit reports, asset purchase agreements, bankruptcy filings, bids, contracts, complaints, compliance certificates, evaluations, fee agreements, interview summaries, leases, mortgages, patient intake, history & evaluation, pleadings, reports of all kinds, statements of work, and hundreds of other uses. Any repetitive document that needs to be personalized with each use will benefit from becoming an intelligent document.

TheFormTool is supported by WORD 2007® and later versions on Windows® operating systems. No special knowledge or tools are required. TheFormTool takes one minute to install; ten minutes to master. Authors are typically productive within one hour; saved documents are MS WORD® files and fully compatible with all WORD® commands, protocols and programs. Volume pricing is available.

TheFormTool PRO v2.6 will be available for download beginning August 23, 2013.

About TheFormTool, LLC.

TheFormTool, LLC is a privately-held Washington company specializing in business-based artificial intelligence. TheFormTool is a limited-function version of the software available FREE at, in furtherance of the company’s philosophy of growing rapidly with an exceptional product backed by outstanding service.