TheFormTool – a product I once described as “smart, simple document assembly” – starts shipping its newest product tomorrow and is offering purchase discounts through today.

The new product, Doxserá DB, is a database version that can pull data from multiple sources and generate multiple documents for multiple audiences. The version coming out tomorrow works with Excel spreadsheets, with support for SQL databases coming July 31 and Access soon thereafter…


TheFormTool’s core product – which, by the way, is free – is an add-in for Microsoft Word that makes it extremely easy to create document templates (using question-and-answer tables) and generate documents using those templates. The next-level product, TheFormTool Pro, adds a number of power-user features. Doxserá (see links below) incorporates all the capabilities of TheFormTool Pro but extends them to the creation of multiple documents at a time, such as when preparing a company formation or bankruptcy filing.

This newest product, Doxserá DB, extends those capabilities even further by allowing lawyers to pull data into documents from multiple sources, be they different tabs in a spreadsheet, different spreadsheets, or even different spreadsheets in different file locations. The next release will extend that to SQL databases and will be a free upgrade to customers who have already purchased the first version.