Doxserá DB® is an advanced document assembly and automation system from TheFormTool, LLC.

Doxserá DB® builds on the ease of use and simplicity of Doxserá® by adding the ability to access data stored in SQL, Access, Excel, or Outlook for inclusion in or to automatically assemble intelligent documents.

Compatible with any modern (since 2007) version of Microsoft Word for Windows, Doxserá DB® users can now select and simultaneously complete handfuls or thousands of documents with just a single data entry. Doxserá DB® is also capable of managing hundreds of math equations, thousands of variables, and tens of thousands of words in one or more documents.

An attorney chooses to create all the documents needed for a corporate formation — articles, bylaws, certificates, minutes — in seconds; a contractor customizes a complete catalog with graphics, or parts lists, statements of work, contracts, and invoices simultaneously. Insurance companies generate complete and customized policies automatically. Regardless of form, Doxserá DB® assures complete conformity and consistency across one or multiple documents without errors.

Similar to TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá®, Doxserá DB® requires less than 10 minutes training for initial operations. It “grows” with the user’s expertise.

Doxserá DB® Features:

Database Access Manually or automatically search and simultaneously select data from external sources (SQL, Access, Excel, Outlook) for insertion in or the decisioning of intelligent documents.
External Text and Graphics Create of searchable and auto-selectable libraries of related forms from which to select the snippets necessary to complete a task, such as a company formation; filings for bankruptcy or litigation; estate plans, securities filings, or corporate financings; an invoice, bill of materials or receipt; sales and financing agreements, and statements of work; and, graphics.
Form Sets With just a click or two, Doxserá DB® will automatically assemble and complete multiple documents simultaneously.
Smart Answers Accurately fill forms faster and easier using Text with Pronoun, List, Choice/Multiple Choice and Boolean logic commands.
Conditions Create dynamic forms with appropriate words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and entire pages automatically selected depending on the user response to simple questions using binary and Boolean logic.
Math Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide; Absolute, Constant, Days, Field, Integer, List (Count, Number, Maximum, Minimum, Multiply, Sum), Age, Logarithm, Maximum, Minimum, Months, Now, Payment, Raise to Power (Exponentiation), Remainder, Root, Round and Years; perform even complex calculations entirely within a document.
Pronouns and Singular/Plural Automate forms even further using smart relationships between subjects, their pronouns, and verbs.
Derived Answers Create answers that automatically compute new information based on answers to previous questions, such as a discount given quantity or total order price given jurisdiction and tax rate.
Lists     Ability to format in narrative paragraphs, stacked signatures, tables (with or without headings and/or column totals) or customized for any circumstance
Master Lists Store frequently-used information in one place for use in multiple forms. The Master List is great for signature blocks, contacts, prices, descriptions and other standard items.
GRID Answers Allows for easy entry of related data, two-dimensional lists, and series of data for logical or arithmetic manipulation or management within a document.
Flag areas of a form for special attention.
Network Support Share information, answer files, master lists and Q & A Tables with other users.
Save/Load Save answers used in one document for use in another document in the same matter, case, patient, customer, or deal file.
Peek command Allows users to take a quick peek at the location(s) in the document where their answers will be used.
Lockdown Keeps form users from making unauthorized changes to the Q & A Table.
Complete Training Program A comprehensive Doxserá DB user guide for aspiring or accomplished document automation users; contains everything you need to know about documents, templates, files, folders and forms. Also, one to 20 page guides, a complete hierarchical and searchable online video and textual tutorial.


Availability & Pricing

Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word for Windows since 2007, Doxserá DB® is available for purchase and download in English from our online store. Additional information is available at An annual subscription license is $279.00 per machine, with provisions for volume discounts and enterprise relationships.

Dox DB Fact Sheet

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