Bob Christensen will speak on technology and economics at the DC Bar’s first-ever offering of “Practice 360 | A Day for Lawyers and Law Firms”


If merely surviving the revolution in legal services just isn’t good enough, this is the presentation to attend.

He’ll discuss economic disruption: how to recognize it, how it happens, its effects on participants, and the changes it can create in the marketplace. The presentation will explore the differences between evolution and revolution, between becoming expendable and being essential.

The presentation will focus on the role technology can play in assuring personal success and describe how lawyers and firms can combine third-generation document assembly and automation systems with modern economic decisioning to make more from less while doing a better job for clients.

In this presentation Bob will combine 30 years’ experience studying economic behavior with an appreciation of the power of 21st century technology. Attendees will learn proven tactics they can use to prosper rather than merely survive in the revolutionary legal services marketplace.