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Law firms across the US are suffering from the slow adoption of automation technology, but the importance of accuracy and speed of producing legal paperwork are imperative. After all, 56{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} of documents created by legal professionals are repetitive forms – from wills and trusts to pleadings. Using Doxsera, users report saving an average 71{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} of time previously invested in document creation. Select from the choices below to see the benefits of document automation in the Legal industry.

Useful Articles

Using Automation Technology in the Legal Industry

A slide presentation on how automation technology is used in the legal industry lays out the current situation for lawyers, and the solution for rising customer service expectations, as well as reducing error rates in documents. Click here to take a look.

According to Three Experts, How Can the Legal Industry
Improve Efficiency?

We asked 3 legal experts how the legal industry can improve on efficiency, including the best ways to manage time and the current stumbling blocks that prevent change. Click here to see what Peggy Gruenke, David Bilinsky, and John Miller had to say.

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