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Wrapper for Doxserá and TheFormTool PRO


The Chameleon Cometh!

While it takes a chameleon five to ten seconds to change its appearance, Doxserá and TheFormTool PRO can now change a document’s entire appearance in less than one second with a single click using a new feature named Wrapper.

Whether your documents need to appeal to different audiences or different venues, speak with completely separate voices, or represent entirely distinct companies or publishers, Wrapper is the eye-popping answer.

Wrapper is another in a long series of free upgrades for owners of TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá.

Owners may upgrade by clicking on the button below for their product. The Zip folder download includes the upgrade and the simple instructions on how to create and use Wrapper to conform or brand your documents.

See Wrapper in Action!

You won’t know you need Wrapper until you see it in action.
Then you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

The information is the same but the presentation is completely different

To learn more about Wrappers, how they work, what they can do, join us for a “Wrappers Unwrapped” webinar at 8AM PT (1500 UT) Tuesday, March 24, 2015. The presentation will run about 30 minutes, followed by questions from the audience.

If you already own our software, upgrade for free

TheFormTool PRO v2.9
with Wrapper

Doxserá 2.3
with Wrapper

And once you’ve done that, please mention the magic of Wrapper to your colleagues and associates.

They’ll appreciate it and so will we!