Our free offer to help our customers

During the COVID-19 emergency, you’re welcome to bring all your firm’s workers’ laptops and home computers up to speed with free copies of the same TheFormTool software they use in the office.

Working out of the office can absolutely tank efficiency. We’d like to help all your team members and you with this completely free, no strings offer for as many copies of our programs as you need.

We’d like to offer your firm as many free copies of our software as it needs in order to enable your team to telecommute productively.

You can maintain employee productivity while they work from home by providing them with at-home access to their #1 productivity tool.

This is our way of helping us all make it through the emergency needs we face together: to stay safe and to keep the economy upright.

Because our software is typically licensed on a per-machine basis, many customers would like to avoid the costs of two or even three licenses for a single employee, especially when hoping for a short duration need or when facing significant financial uncertainty. Here’s where we can help. With just a click or two your firm can add just as many productivity points as you’d like, all for free, not even additional registration is necessary. There really aren’t any hooks involved.

Taking advantage of this offer is as simple and straightforward as our software itself:

  1.   Select and download your office software from the list below
  2.   Install the software following the instructions included in the download package
  3.   Activate the software using your firm’s Registration Name and License Code. Both are available on the program’s menu bar under Options > License Code or from your account in our online Store.

If you want access to the Answers, Master Lists, Passages or other program data, create secure access to your office server and set the Path on your newly installed software to access it. If you need assistance, you can find it in the Network installation section of the Manual or by  a keyword search in our Knowledge Base

Here is how to create a Path to a network location: https://service.theformtool.com/hc/en-us/articles/212276326-TLC-3-On-the-Right-Path. If that step is not available to you, here is how to copy the files you might need to you local machine https://service.theformtool.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002063546-Changing-Answer-File-Locations. If you’d rather access the Answer, Master Lists, and other program files in your office but not duplicate them on each local machine, consider setting up a virtual network using DropBox, Box, or other service as a virtual server, VERY CAREFULLY copying the instructions on using this technology, then copy your existing theformtool folder from the Path location to the new virtual server.

This offer is available only to customers of TheFormTool, LLC, but our customers can download and activate as many copies as are needed. Although this messages primarily addresses our customers in the United States, it is also open to our thousands of customer firms in the more than 80 other countries we serve. The offer is not limited in number. This COVID-19 software will expire on the expiration date of your existing software or June 30, 2020, whichever is earlier. If you are facing a normal expiration date in the near term, renew now and use the new License Code. If the COVID-19 emergency extends beyond June 30, we expect to renew our offer then.

If your firm is not currently our customer, it should be. After all, isn’t this exactly the kind of firm you’d like to have in your corner?

To other suppliers in our space: Consider following our lead; after all, we’re all in this together.