SEATTLE, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – TheFormTool, LLC is pleased to announce that the Washington State Bar Association ( has chosen to sponsor TheFormTool as a new benefit for its 34,000 lawyer members. TheFormTool is user-friendly and powerful productivity software for lawyers seeking to reduce document errors, improve client service and reduce costs.

TheFormTool reduces errors by eliminating “cut & paste” document assembly. It allows law firms to improve productivity and lower costs by reducing by up to 90{9e5c399d4686ffbee71f542e7a95a67178027d042b67cd6e8c3b22a26beb12ba} the time spent processing and editing paperwork. TheFormTool empowers lawyers to leverage their expertise by creating and sharing intelligent and automated documents with their staffs.

TheFormTool supports WSBA’s commitment to add value to its members and their millions of clients through advantageous pricing and specialized support.

WSBA members can learn more at

About TheFormTool

TheFormTool has received a 5-star “Spectacular” rating from CNET and an “A” TechnoScore from It is distributed world-wide by TheFormTool, LLC (, a division of Your Dollar Matters, Inc., which specializes in business-based AI and process solutions at the professional/customer interface.