Free software for those ordered to work from home

As millions of firms send tens of millions of employees home to work during the COVID-19 crisis, maintaining or increasing productivity is critical to the companies, their employees and the nation. TheFormTool, LLC, a leader in office productivity software, is offering its existing and new customers unlimited additional copies of its document assembly and automation software completely for free. This offer allows employees working at home to enjoy the same advantages they experience with TheFormTool’s programs at the office.

“Firms in our customer base range in size from solo practitioners to companies with hundreds of thousands of employees. All are faced with incredible disruption as they balance safety with their need to survive,” Bob Christensen, the firm’s Director of Customer Service commented. “We’d like to make their choices easier while helping to optimize their results. So, during the COVID-19 crisis we’ll provide our customers in the U.S. and around the world with all the software they need completely free, there’s no additional cost, no strings or fine print.

“This is a huge undertaking for a small firm,” he continued. “It could easily amount to millions of dollars worth of software distributed for free but it’s worth it. Our customers are incredibly important to the economy and they are strongly tilted towards innovation and productivity. So this is an easy way for us to contribute meaningfully to the COVID-19 victory effort. We’d encourage other firms in our space to consider doing the same if they can.

“Just today we had a call from a fully-stressed doctor in New York faced with a crushing need to complete clinic reports much faster and but still accurately. With a single $1.00 purchase he gained access to enough of our flagship program to equip all the personnel in eight offices. To us, that’s a home run.”

About TheFormTool, LLC

Founded in 2011, TheFormTool, LLC distributes a family of award-winning software and services that offer simple-to-use but extremely powerful solutions for efficiently creating intelligent documents, data collection and decisioning. Its software is used in firms large and small in more than 200 industries and 80 countries including thousands of American law firms.

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