The easiest to use document assembly software in the world will offer database access

SEATTLE, WA December 2, 2014 TheFormTool, LLC today announced its newest office productivity tool, Doxserá® DB, for delivery shortly after year-end. Doxserá® DB is the third in the fast-growing firm’s line of software offering easy to use intelligent document assembly and automation to information workers around the world.

“Doxserá® DB continues our mission to match power with amazing ease of use,” according to Bob Christensen, CEO of TheFormTool, LLC.  “Doxserá® DB puts tremendous control directly into the hands of its users; there’s no need for installers, consultants, extensive training, or heavy IT support. Our software features the lowest lifecycle cost and highest value-add ratio in the industry. Because scaling is nearly infinite, there’s no need for ‘one-size must fit all’ purchase commitments. If only one employee needs the tool, or one department, one division, or the entire company, customers need buy only the appropriate number of licenses.”

Doxserá® DB will initially allow documents to access data stored in SQL and Excel databases, answering the needs of the smallest and largest firms and all in between. It allows users to simultaneously filter, extract, and mix data from one or several sources. An example would be to filter customer or client information from a central SQL database to mix with pricing data from an Excel spreadsheet on a department-level server to create new information for a template in a desktop computer.

There are uses beyond document automation, among them quickly and easily creating analytics based on databases that can’t talk to each other or that require teams of specialists to access.

Christensen adds, “Our customers comment about our software that, ‘This changes everything.’ Doxserá® DB extends that change for our entire range of customers, from one-person firms to the Fortune 100.”

About TheFormTool, LLC

TheFormTool, LLC is an innovative provider of user-friendly software for creating intelligent documents easily and accurately. Its products are in use by thousands of firms in dozens of countries. The company offers the award-winning TheFormTool PRO and Doxserá® for document assembly. Doxserá® DB is priced at just $279 per year, with volume discounts available.