Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH — TheFormTool, LLC, the fastest growing provider of document assembly software for professional firms, companies and government agencies around the world, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Affinity Consulting Group, the leading professional management consulting firm, to offer TFT’s customers Affinity’s consulting, training, and intelligent forms creation services.

“Every one of our customers would like to be the best there is,” commented Bob Christensen of TheFormTool, LLC, “but not all have the patience or can afford the time and effort required to be the best — even with our easiest-to-use software. Now any firm, company or agency can be among the top 1% most productive document users in no time by combining the best technology from TheFormTool with the best processes and training from Affinity Consulting.

“We’re so enthusiastic about what Affinity’s experts bring to the table — process and systems consulting, expert training, custom development and maintenance of libraries of intelligent forms — that we’re including a relationship with Affinity in our enterprise-level relationships. Affinity will make a huge difference for many of our potential customers.”

“Since agreeing on this effort six months ago,” added Barron Henley of Affinity Consulting Group, “our document assembly and systems teams have trained directly with TFT’s gurus to become true experts with TheFormTool’s software. We’re delighted to share our skills with their customers around the world and to introduce their amazing software to our audiences.”

About TheFormTool, LLC

Founded in 2011, TheFormTool, LLC is an innovator of award-winning software that offers simple-to-use but extremely powerful solutions for efficiently creating intelligent documents with ease and accuracy. Its software is used in thousands of firms large and small in more than 200 industries and 80 countries.

About Affinity Consulting Group

Affinity Consulting is led by a group of lawyers, management experts, and sought-after speakers that has been renowned for 21 years for providing technology and management consulting in a half dozen areas, and for elegantly and affordably creating intelligent document assembly and automation tools for its clients, who consist of thousands of large and small firms, companies and government agencies.