Simultaneous document creation improves accuracy and productivity

OLYMPIA, Wash.— January 6, 2014 —Document assembly and automation software developer TheFormTool, LLC, today announced the immediate availability of its new intelligent document automation software, Doxserá. An advanced document automation system, Doxserá makes it possible to quickly and easily create multiple documents at one time with greater accuracy. Doxserá is Microsoft Word plug-in software that installs in minutes and, similar to TheFormTool PRO, requires less than 10 minutes of training to use.

“Legal and business professionals typically spend 30 percent of their productive time creating repetitive documents and personalizing them for each client, case, or account,” said TheFormTool CEO Bob Christensen. “With Doxserá, those who create legal and other professional documents can speed their production time by up to 90 percent, while avoiding the wasted costs of proofing and error-prone
data reentry.”

Examples of uses where more than one document is typical include a company formation; the initial filings for bankruptcy, family law or litigation; an estate plan; securities filing or corporate financing; an invoice, bill of materials and receipt; sales and financing agreements; and statements of work, among other types of documents.     Doxserá is comprised of several easy to navigate features, such as the new “Form Set” function that provides the ability to create libraries of related forms. The user simply clicks to select the
required document(s).

Availability, Compatibility & Pricing

Compatible with almost all versions of Microsoft Word, Doxserá is immediately available for purchase and download at Doxserá is also operable on the Mac when used with Parallels® or CrossOver software that allows cross-platform capability on Mac operating systems.

An annual subscription license starts at $89.00 per user with volume discounts for multiple office and enterprise installations. To register for the Doxserá webinar on January 8, 2014, visit

About TheFormTool, LLC

Founded in 2011, TheFormTool, LLC is a leading intelligent document automation software company that offers legal and business professionals, whose documents are a literal representation of their expertise and quality of service, simple-to-use software tools for creating one or more documents with ease and accuracy. TheFormTool offers three products: TheFormTool free version, TheFormTool PRO for document assembly, and its new document automation system, Doxserá.

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