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Peoria, IL and Seattle, WA — June 19, 2014 — Murphy & Dunn, P.C., a Peoria-based law firm that handles only family law matters, recently converted the entire firm to Doxserá software for document assembly to speed service and enhance client experience.

“Our clients deserve the very best service,” commented Attorney G. Edward Murphy, “so we’re constantly investing in technology to help us meet and exceed their expectations and provide real value. Because our areas of practice include all aspects of family law, we produce enormous numbers of documents every day — motions, pleadings, settlement agreements — that are critical to our clients’ needs.

“We started using TheFormTool PRO two years ago to help us create consistently perfect documents. Now, we’ve upgraded to Doxserá to create multiple documents simultaneously and quickly build, from scratch if necessary, documents that precisely fit clients’ needs.

“It’s important that our documents be consistent,” he added, “so that every day for every client we produce the best of the best. Doxserá allows us to do that efficiently, without adding staff. The best part is Doxserá’s ease of use: anyone can become an expert, everyone can be highly productive.

“We explored the alternatives for document assembly and automation and settled on Doxserá to help us capitalize on our brand, using our decades of experience to benefit our clients. With Doxserá we spend more time thinking about our clients’ needs and less time typing documents. It’s the right choice for our attorneys, staff and clients.”

About Murphy & Dunn, P.C.

Murphy & Dunn, P.C. is one of the largest law firms in Central Illinois that handles only family law matters. Its areas of practice include all aspects of divorce, including child custody, child support, visitation, college expense issues, health care, alimony and maintenance, and property division issues. It also practices in other areas of family law, including adoption, prenuptial and antenuptial agreements, same sex custody, civil unions, and gay/lesbian custody issues.

About TheFormTool, LLC

TheFormTool, LLC provides user-friendly software for creating intelligent documents easily and accurately. Its software is in use by thousands of firms in dozens of countries. The company offers the award-winning TheFormTool PRO for document assembly and Doxserá for complex multi-document automation.


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