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Champaign, IL— Today at its 58th Annual Estate Planning Short Course, the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE) launches a new Elder Law Forms Suite, “Preparing for Disability.” This forms set, the pilot package for a new product line of intelligent forms branded as “Formulaw,” combines the power of TheFormTool PRO software with the trusted practice guidance of select forms from the Institute’s elder law publications collection. The result is a series of 8 forms that the elder law practitioner can quickly, easily, and accurately complete within Microsoft Word by providing answers to a series of questions.

“Every lawyer I know wants to ne more efficient in office practice and simultaneously reduce errors and the potential for errors,” said Michael J. Rooney, Executive Director at Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE). “These twin goals are not mutually exclusive. The combination of TheFormTool and the Formulaw forms suites enables subscribers to ccomplish their goals and improve service to their clients, making everyone happy.”

This Changes Everything

The impact of Formulaw on the Illinois attorneys’ document assembly methods is momentous. The easy-to-install TheFormTool PRO, which plugs right into the user’s Microsoft Word for Windows toolbar, saves lawyers loads of valuable time, freeing them up to attend to and bill time for other matters. At the same time, Formulaw forms unburden attorneys of the drudgery of document preparation and increase the accuracy of the completed documents to boot. Best of all, these efficiencies are available at an affordable price: $89 for TheFormTool PRO and $92.17  plus tax for the Formulaw “Elder Law: Preparing for Disability” Forms Suite. The cost of commissioning a custom-crafted suite of these same forms is estimated at $1,600.

The “intelligent” aspect comes into play vis a vis a query table that appears at the end of an automated form document. By inputting the answers to questions posed to extract information needed and clicking the “Fill” button, the user ends up with a document customized for the matter at hand. The tool does all the work of adding or deleting text, inserting the proper names, contact information, and numerical figures; automatically adjusting subject-pronoun agreement, and even performing mathematical calculations. The result is fewer errors and faster documents.

Formulaw Availability

The Formulaw Elder Law: Preparing for Disability Forms Suite is available for purchase at the special price of $92.17 for 8 forms (plus a bonus document) plus tax through June 30, 2015. Purchasers of this “pilot package” will be provided with additional forms in the Elder Law Suite (to be expanded this summer) free of charge. Attorneys can obtain TheFormTool PRO for a one-time fee of $89 at www.theformtool.com/formulaw.

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